Vista gets its own Comic Life. Hah!

Planetwide Media has announced the launch of Windows Vista Compatible Comic Book Creator 2.0, extending the capabilities of the original award-winning Comic Book Creator™. Comic Book Creator 2.0 is a personal media creation tool that allows you to easily create and share your own story utilizing digital photos, music, sound effects, videos and animation. Comic Book Creator 2.0 users can also take full advantage of the superior features and functionality of Windows Vista in terms of visual experience, as well as graphic processing quality.

"Comic Book Creator 2.0 is a PC-based personal media suite that is designed for the mix-and mashup generation," stated Kevin Donovan, President, Planetwide Media. "It delivers the functionality of a complete digital art and music studio, equipped with artwork, speech bubbles, animations, sound effects and videos. Users can edit personal digital photos, mix their own music and sound effects, and drag and drop videos from an Internet browser to customized comics with newly embedded software applications."

The recent addition of embedded software program Project Dogwaffe Particles serves as a comprehensive and self-contained painting tool with a focus on Particle Brushes. Users can easily create fascinating original artwork containing shrubbery, foliage, trees, grass and a variety of other effects based on painting with particles and bristles, such as magical lighting effects, hair, fireworks and waterfalls, etc. Another prominent addition to Comic Book Creator 2.0 is Audacity, an easy-to-use audio editor and recorder that offers users the chance to record live audios and digitize recordings, and then include them in their comic book creations. Users will also be able to import sound files, edit and combine them with other files or new recordings.

Coupled with an easy-to-use drag and drop technology, participants can utilize more than 1,200 screenshots, caption boxes, clip art, audio clips and artwork into a selection of 100+ professional layout and design templates, and combine their creations with a personalized storyline to make their own comics. The completed creations can then be posted to blogs or social networks, emailed to friends, printed in comic book form or published to Planetwide’s comic fans’ online social network.

The retail box version is sold for $49.99 (approx Rs 2,400).

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