My hometown best!

Global Hometown, a start-up website that aims to chronicle what it is like to live in, well, your hometown, is an interesting experiment in getting people to share their experiences.

For those interested in posting, your hometown descriptions can be as short as a sentence or hundreds of words long. At the short end, descriptions can be almost haiku-like of a place and time called home. Think of a favourite cafe somewhere, a wild car ride, drinking at the corner bar, driving by a farm, walking through a park, reading a morning newspaper … whether you live in Beijing, Boston or the thousand places small and large in between … think of anything that reminds you of your hometown.

According to the site:

We all have an interest in the everyday details of various little corners of the world, and there are so many little niches and nooks that even people who have lived somewhere forever often don’t know all there is to know about that place.

This is indeed an interesting site to share thoughts and perhaps with some more tools for the user, it could become a competitive place as well. Moreover, though, it can really be a great guide for people who may be moving from their current hometown to a city listed and it would work well to have some more specific fields for the city that one can read on. At some point, though, the site will need to go into a deeper level of ‘hometown’ since most hometowns are large cities!

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