Pingology offers skill-based search

Pingology is a new paradigm search engine. It allows Users to find more relevant information in less search time. Webpage Owners are offered a skill-based alternative to costly pay-per-click on a free or fixed-price subscription basis.

Businesses are finding top placement of the best key words on pay-per-click search engines very expensive. ROI can be variable to say the least. A $1000 pay-per-click budget will often not purchase a week’s worth of top ranked placement. Key words can cost over $20 a click-through. No wonder pay- per-click is a $10 billion a year industry.

On Pingology, skill and relevancy determine placement — not how much money you can spend! Pingology offers a fixed-cost, skill-based alternative. Webpage Owners “cloak” their pages by filling out a questionnaire designed to provide more specific information to the User than is available from only key word text- descriptors and simplistic bot IDs such as “image,” “video” and “link.”

Users fill out a corresponding questionnaire of what they seek. The more closely those responses match cloaked responses by Webpage Owners, the higher the webpage is ranked in the search results seen by the User. Webpage Owners and Users effectively “ping” each other, engaging in an anonymous, ongoing dialogue between needs of the User and content offerings of the Webpage Owner. The more effectively Webpage Owners cloak their pages in relationship to User wants, the higher will be their ranking. Users get more relevant results and webpage owners get qualified click-throughs.

Users and Registered Webpage Owners will have access to short-form, long- form and specialized questionnaires. A Reports area allows Webpage Owners to monitor searches and realign webpage content to meet User needs.

Pingology User Rollout is set for October 16, 2007. Between July 6 and September 16 during the Webpage Owner Rollout Pingology is offering webpage owners free short-form cloaking of up to three unique URLs. Pre-rollout discounts on long-form and specialty form questionnaires is also being offered. Advertising will be offered but will not affect rankings or placement and space will be limited. Pingology will be free to Users.

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