Two new useful apps for Facebook

Facebook is all the rage these days and here’s two new applications that are more useful than some of the stuff available. A new application on Facebook Platform has solved backpackers’ biggest headache - staying connected with other travellers.

Finding a hostel online is easy, but it has never been possible to know exactly who’ll be there when you arrive. It’s a frustration to backpackers keen on seeing the people they like as much as the places they want to visit. The novel Hostels application on Facebook Platform finally achieves this by dynamically linking hostel bookings into travellers’ Facebook profiles. It means their friends can check where they’ll be then simply book in to join them.

The Hostels application on the Facebook Platform lets travelers log their hostel stays, reviews and other travel information and display it all on Facebook and share it with friends. Hostel owners can also connect with travellers by posting their own photos and information about events, parties and activities. It is creating a whole new network hub for backpackers.

The Hostels Facebook application gives access to over 9,000 hostels worldwide and enables instant reservations with no booking fee! Facebook users will find the Hostels application by searching in travel applications or directly.

Point2 Technologies announced the launch of a new application that integrates Point2 Neighborhoods into Facebook. The application is designed to organize Facebook users worldwide around neighborhoods, and can be found at the site.

The new application leverages Point2’s global neighborhoods database to allow Facebook users to organize themselves following a Country, State, City and Neighborhood hierarchy. The database is currently used to organize member listings on Point2 NLS (National Listing Service) and on Point2’s property search portal.

Once the application is added to their profile, a Facebook user will be able to meet their neighbors, view and share information about their neighborhood and check or add local events such as a party down the street or a garage sale.

The application provides to Facebook a new way to increase member interaction, particularly by helping to improve awareness and communication between members in the same neighborhood, town or city.

The Point2 application will now also stream relevant Point2 NLS home listings, right to Facebook user profile(s). The listings can be shared with the users’ Facebook contacts using a simple ’share this listing’ link, and all leads will be directed back to the listing real estate agents.

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