Spike Lee iPhone auction

Keep A Child Alive, a charitable organization that gets anti-retroviral treatment to children infected with AIDS in Africa, is auctioning the first iPhone on eBay. At 5:30 pm on Friday, June 29th, Spike Lee, renowned director, producer, writer and actor, joined Keep A Child Alive volunteers at Apple’s Soho location to purchase the highly anticipated device.

Supporters of Keep A Child Alive took advantage of the wildly hyped event by standing in the front of the line for 4 days. By talking to New Yorkers, media, handing out bracelets and pamphlets the organization drew attention to children dying of AIDS in Africa.

“In three days, we’ve increased donations by 50% and tripled hits to our site,” said Elizabeth Santiso, VP at Keep A Child Alive. “The entire experience was surreal, from 60 volunteers rotating shifts over the course 83 hours to the media frenzy around Spike Lee’s iPhone purchase on our behalf, I’m just blown away.”

“We’d like to thank everyone who supported this, especially the volunteers and companies, including: Jawbone, Virgin America, Netflix, Six Flags, Rachel Ray and Apple,” said Johnny Vulkan, volunteer and first in line. “It’s been an amazing few days and now we have a fantastic auction to look forward.”

Donations can be made directly.

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