It’s starting: iPhone reviews

Apple iPhoneThere are three more days until launch, but some lucky bastards (bastards, bastards) received a review unit of the iPhone some time ago. And they liked it. Why not. Most reviews give it a thumbs up. Hm.

Among the lot, I have to say this video by the New York Times is the best. Totally outstanding! And I can’t help but feel that he summarises the whole target audience brilliantly in the end when a colleague (the last standing one after he’s heard all the downsides) asks “Does it have an Apple logo?”.

I recently spoke with the PR company that may handle Apple in India and tried to needle out the India launch date, but all I could get was “later this year”. Eventually they caved in and gave me a two-month range: October/November 2007. Enough notice to start saving? I think so.

More reviews:

  • iPhone matches the hype [NY Times]
  • At last, the iPhone [Newsweek on MSNBC]
  • Testing out the iPhone [The Wall Street Journal]

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