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The Tech Week That Was

The face of humanity stands changed if Steve Jobs’ claims are to be believed. The iPhone was finally offered to the masses and they definitely lapped it up. With serpentine queues across the US and media frenzy bordering on psychosis, the iPhone reviews have started surfacing as have some problems. Check out our coverage of the iPhone in all its glory as we keep updating it with reports and reviews as they flood in!

And from across the web, Gizmodo, Engadget and a plethora of others built on the first four reviews of the iPhone with their own versions of experiences and mishaps. Be sure to check out as these lucky guys (simply because they have the iPhone) go about dismantling the iPhone. And yes, if you are in the US, Engadget is also giving away an iPhone (8GB) in a contest. Er, you should hurry…

In other news, there were quite a few technological advances as the Wi-Fi Alliance announced compliance for D-Link and Netgear products. Get the lowdown in the Wireless section.

Product Reviews are starting to appear on Daily Connect with the Nokia N76 and next week, we promise many more including a printer, Wi-Fi Router, PS3 game and some software. The action’s just getting started here. So keep coming back and let the action continue!

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