ASUS P8Z68 Series and ROG Motherboards Maximize Z68 Capabilities

Continuing its legacy of leadership, ASUS offers consumers a range of new motherboards based on the Intel® Z68 Express chipset. The ASUS P8Z68 Series and ROG Maximus IV GENE-Z motherboards all have numerous powerful features that fully exploit the performance benefits of Sandy Bridge technology without compromise, packing more features and new innovations onto the Z68 platform while maintaining unmitigated performance and reliability.
ASUS is the only motherboard manufacturer able to integrate diverse new technologies in tandem on its Z68-based motherboards on launch. These include the universal implementation of LucidLogix Virtu™ switchable graphics to harness the capabilities of Intel® Quick Sync Video for faster video transcoding and the extreme performance of the latest NVIDIA® and AMD graphics cards, along with Intel® Smart Response Technology to accelerate hard drive performance and reduce energy consumption.

Exclusive ASUS-developed DIGI+ VRM technology also offers new digital power control for improved response and more delicate system tuning, while the exclusive UEFI BIOS provides mouse input and a BIOS graphical user interface for easier, more user-friendly low-level system control. Together, these features make ASUS Z68-based motherboards the best choice for consumers who wish to get the most of new PC technology.

Full support for faster video transcoding and switchable graphics

All ASUS Z68-based motherboards are natively designed to support the LucidLogix Virtu™ graphics virtualization engine that works in conjunction with Intel® Quick Sync Video to deliver up to three times faster and smoother video transcoding and playback. This is achieved by instantly and seamlessly switching between integrated Sandy Bridge graphics and a discrete graphics card on demand. With uncompromising engineering quality, ASUS P8Z68 Series and ROG Maximus IV GENE-Z motherboards support both NVIDIA® and AMD GPUs for the ultimate in flexibility as part of automatic graphics switching.

The new ASUS Z68-based motherboards also ship with Intel® Smart Response Technology. This uses a solid-state cache to deliver the combined benefits of SSD speed and traditional hard drive storage capacity, cutting down on lengthy data access and system boot times in the process. This feature also reduces redundant hard drive spin, which lowers energy consumption and PC running costs.

Segment-leading digital power delivery and all-new BIOS

Following the successful and acclaimed ASUS P8P67 Series, new Z68-based motherboards from ASUS deliver a ramped-up range of proprietary technologies. DIGI+ VRM set a new standard for digital power control at its debut, where it replaced analog power control with the most precise tuning available to PC users. DIGI+ VRM also increases durability, reliability and overclocking potential, and leads to the most efficient power delivery among all available Z68-based motherboards.

ASUS also includes its exclusive UEFI BIOS on P8Z68 Series motherboards and the Maximus IV GENE-Z. An intuitive and easy to use graphical mouse-controlled BIOS, it incorporates the unique EZ Mode for fast and simple access to powerful system management and set-up. UEFI BIOS even offers drag and drop boot drive prioritization, simplifying a process that in the past presented a major hurdle to novice PC users. It includes support for hard drives with capacities greater than 2.2TB and provides extensive real-time system information for a more involved PC experience.

“The Intel Z68 Express chipset is the first platform to enable both overclocking and the revolutionary media features built into 2nd generation Intel Core processors. We’re thrilled to see a full lineup of ASUS Z68 motherboards designed with LucidLogic Virtu support, allowing users to take advantage of the incredible video transcoding performance of Intel Quick Sync Video Technology, while maintaining support for high-end discrete graphics from all major brands. Users can now enjoy the best of both worlds,” said Zane Ball, General Manager of Intel Desktop Platforms.

“With DIGI+ VRM digital power design, UEFI BIOS, universal switchable graphics and faster video transcoding, ASUS P8Z68 Series motherboards make it possible for users to take full advantage of a number of unique and tangible benefits. We’re proud to once more set a new standard with our Z68 motherboards after the success of our P8P67 Series”, said ASUS chairman, Jonney Shih.

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