Amdocs showcases research on managed services

Amdocs today released the findings of a research report that shows increasing adoption of managed services strategies to support B/OSS (business and operational support systems) operations by communications service providers in developing Asia. The research, conducted by leading analyst firm Analysys Mason, finds managed services adoption is growing faster in developing Asia than anywhere else in the world, and is driven by heightening competition, coupled with a double-digit growth rate in subscriber counts.

Research highlights:

  • Managed services adoption is growing faster in developing Asia than anywhere else in the world
  • Managed services revenues in developing Asia are estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10.2 percent; For comparison, managed services revenues in developed Asia and in Central and Latin America are expected to grow at CAGRs of 6.4 and 8.2 percent, respectively;
  • India is one of the major investors in managed services in developing Asia;
  • Managed services strategies in developing Asia are deployed to support turnkey projects with the goal of delivering new services quickly and scaling to support subscriber growth; Subscriber counts in developing Asia is growing at a rate of 20 percent per year, approximately double the global subscriber growth rate;
  • In other regions, service providers use managed services to support other goals; For example, providers in developed Asia, Europe and Middle East invest in managed services to reduce operational expenses and increase efficiencies; Providers in Central and Latin America deploy managed services to support infrastructure rollouts.

“With the introduction of 3G and multi-play offerings into the marketplace, service providers in developing Asia are racing to modernize systems and increase operational efficiencies,” said Abhay Kumar, vice president, Global Strategic Sourcing at Amdocs. “They must be first with new offerings and excel in customer service if they are to retain and capture market share. We are seeing a growing adoption of managed services strategies by Communication Service Providers in the region to achieve this.”

“The pace at which technology is evolving, coupled with the massive growth in subscribers, is creating a challenge for service providers in developing Asia who are finding it difficult to re-align and scale their BSS and OSS operations on their own,” said Kunal Bajaj, partner and director at Analysys Mason. “Providers are recognizing that by outsourcing these parts of their operation to an experienced vendor like Amdocs, they can achieve their business objectives quickly and with minimum risk.”

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