Aptina unveils 8MP complete camera solution

Aptina, the leading innovator of CMOS imaging technology, announced the availability of its new feature-rich 8MP CCS8140 imaging solution. Leveraging the company’s pixel, processing and packaging innovations, the CCS8140 solution combines a high-quality MT9E013 8MP CMOS image sensor with an Aptina™ MT9E311 imaging co-processor while maintaining speeds similar to a standalone image processor. The fully tuned, Aptina CCS8140 complete camera solution offers best-in-class image quality while requiring only minimal tuning and sensor adjustments to complete the final product design. The solution affords mobile handset OEMs and camera module integrators not only shorter design time and improved performance advantages, but also lower development and overall systems costs.

Aptina’s CCS8140 solution offers digital still camera (DSC) image quality and advanced functionality, such as face and scene detection, and enabling new applications such as visual search. The CCS8140 solution offers up to 250MP/second throughput processing, enabling low latency, low shutter lag, and fast 1080p/30fps high-definition (HD) video recording. Aptina’s CCS8140 complete camera solution supports two-lane MIPI output for easy integration with downstream processors.

“Traditionally, camera module integrators and mobile handset OEMs have had to source their 8MP sensor and co-processing solution from two different sources, and then spend considerable time and resources in tuning for image quality” said Farshid Sabet, Vice President and General Manager of Aptina’s Mobile, PC Gaming Business Unit at Aptina. “With the SoC-like configuration of the Aptina CCS8140 imaging solution, we are removing the compatibility and cost concerns associated with using standalone components and the image processing and improving performance beyond SoCs. We are pleased to provide a complete camera solution in a form that allows module integrators and handset OEMs to meet stringent time-to-market requirements, while lowering design risk and costs.”


Sampling now, Aptina’s CCS8140 solution is available as bare die or as packaged parts. Mass production is scheduled for CYQ4 2010.

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