Novel Games launches 3D E-Cards with Games

Novel Games has launched a new e- card service on their website. Their e-cards have 3D animations that make them look and feel like real cards, and the recipient of the card can also play a game in the card to open the card and view the message inside.

Traditional e-cards are all similar, you see an animation and then the sender’s message is shown. Novel Games’ e-cards resemble real cards more, you will receive an envelope and then it will be opened and the card will be taken out. You can flip the card to the other side to view a message from the sender, and you can open the card to see another message from the sender. All the flipping and opening of the cards are presented in 3D animations to make the e-card very much like real cards.

To make the e-cards even more compelling, they have included a small game inside every e-card. The recipient will need to play the game in order to open the card to view the message inside the card. The sender can even set criteria for the recipient to meet in order to be able to open the card. For example the recipient must score more than 10,000 to open the card and read the message inside. “This brings real fun for both the sender and the recipient,” said Peter Lee, CEO of Novel Games. “We have already seen many innovative uses of our e-cards, some people are using the e-cards to challenge others, and some others are sending secret messages. Our e-cards allow much more interaction between the sender and the recipient. We have redefined the entire e-card experience.”

Sending an e-card is easy, you first choose a design, and then pick one game from a library of more than 200 games. Next, write a message on the back of the card and another message inside the card, and then set a criteria to open the card, before finally entering the email address of the recipients and clicking the “send” button. The e-cards are free until the end of April only, so you had better hurry if you want to send Easter Greetings to your friends. You can try out the e-cards from the Company’s website:

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