Flytxt launches Mobile Marketing Blog

Flytxt has announced the launch of Mobile Marketing Mantra, a blog on mobile marketing technology and best practices.

“Flytxt is very pleased to create this platform for the global mobile marketing community to exchange views and expertise,” says Dr. Vinod Vasudevan, Group CEO of Flytxt, announcing the launch of the blog. Mobile Marketing Mantra will host discussions by Flytxt and industry experts on topics like marketing technology, best practices in mobile marketing, and ROI measurement.

“Mobile operators and other enterprises realise the potential of mobile as a marketing channel, but we also see a lot of myths and confusion in the minds of marketers,” says Thomas Schuster, Co-founder and Senior Vice President – Product & Technology. “Through Mobile Marketing Mantra, our goal is to bust these myths and share insights from experts on right mobile marketing techniques,” he adds.

The blog is available at

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