Skyfire launches its next generation Windows Mobile Browser 1.5

Skyfire, makers of Webby award-winning, PC-like web-browser for mobile devices, today launched the next generation of its Skyfire browser, version 1.5, for Windows Mobile. The newest version is now available for download at Enhancements in the new version include full support for high-resolution screens, a fresh user interface (UI) that is more finger friendly, crisper text, smoother zooming, and a full-screen mode that maximizes screen real estate. Skyfire 1.5 promises smarter and gorgeously crisper browsing.

What’s new in 1.5:
• Full VGA Support. Skyfire now provides native support for the VGA and wVGA resolutions as seen on many recent Windows Mobile phones.

• Smooth Scrolling. Kinetic scrolling has been added to Skyfire. Flick and you will see that scrolling has become very smooth.

• Finger friendly UI. There are many UI updates to enable finger friendliness, increase the ease of use and add a bit of fun to the Skyfire experience. We updated as well the start page to be simpler-to-use with high-resolution devices.

• Full screen mode. For touch screens we have a mode that will completely remove all UI elements from the screen to provide maximum visibility onto the page. Tap the bottom right corner to bring back the toolbar.

• Auto-Move text entry. This keeps any text entry box visible when the virtual keyboard is used. This convenient feature assures that web site forms are easy to use, in case the SIP (i.e., virtual keyboard) covers it.

• Latest versions of Flash 10 and Silverlight. 1.5 has been updated to the newest and most stable versions of both rich-media formats.

• Performance enhancements. Both Skyfire’s client and servers have been upgraded for faster, more responsive browsing.

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