Expand your social network with the Nokia 6750

Nokia and Rogers Wireless announced today the launch of the Nokia 6750, a sleek and stylish device loaded with fun features that help users stay connected to their social networks.

Inspired by the shape of the human body, the Nokia 6750 is a chrome flip phone with an ergonomic design that conforms comfortably to a user’s hand. Fashion mavens will communicate in comfort and in style thanks to the Nokia 6750’s hidden display cover illuminations. The device lights up in blue, orange, pink, green, purple and red for a unique touch that lets personality shine through loud and clear. The Nokia 6750 features a highly readable, large display with 16 million colours. The illuminating external screen makes it easy to tell the time or to see who is calling without having to flip open the device.

A large keyboard, 2.0 megapixel camera and web browser offer a complete package for staying connected with friends, family, classmates and more. Canadians can keep in touch with their social networks by sharing photos and video messages through Nokia’s free media sharing community, Ovi Share. Nokia makes it easy to upload and share photos and videos from the device to the desktop.

“The Nokia 6750 is the go-to phone for busy, on-the-move consumers because it responds to their need for an all-in-one mobile device in one user-friendly and stylish package,” said Richard White, General Manager, Nokia Canada . “The Nokia 6750’s illuminating display colours pack a whole lot of personality into the device for a truly unique mobile experience.”

The Nokia 6750 is also a great choice for music lovers who listen to today’s hits on-the-go. With access to the urMusic service from Rogers Wireless, external music keys, Bluetooth stereo adaptability and a microSD memory card slot that supports up to 32GB, the Nokia 6750 is the hot choice for social butterflies who love to have it all: friends, fun and great music, all in the palm of their hand.

The Nokia 6750 is available at Rogers Wireless for $99.99 on a 3 year term.

The following original accessories from Nokia help create the ultimate Nokia 6750 experience:

Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-804 – Nokia’s smallest wireless headset is the size of a piece of gum and boasts a discreet design, lightweight feel and a stylish aluminum cover. Enhanced audio quality with digital signal processing (DSP) noise cancellation makes it easy to keep conversations going while on the run.

Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-216 - Available in either black or white, this device features DSP noise cancellation. Even better, it is Nokia’s most inexpensive noise cancelling headset.

Nokia Mobile Charger DC-6 – This lightweight travel charger plug allows you to charge your phone’s battery the conventional way – in your car. It is compatible with all phones with a micro USB charging connector.

Nokia Speakerphone HF-310 – This stylish speakerphone can be connected to your mobile phone wirelessly with Bluetooth so you can accept handsfree calls in the car. For convenience, it can be positioned anywhere in the car by using the suction-cup mount, visor clip mount or dashboard mount.

Nokia Portable Speakers MD-8 – These small, sleek and portable speakers have a cool, crisp design and pack plenty of power. Users can enjoy up to 40 hours of music playtime and an FM antenna is built-in to support the FM radio on a compatible handset.

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