ThinkFree Mobile Netbook now available for Windows, Linux and Mac Edition

ThinkFree, Inc., a leader in next-generation office productivity solutions, today unveiled ThinkFree Mobile Netbook for Windows, Linux and Mac ESD (electronic software download) version, bringing unprecedented round-trip Microsoft Office compatibility and seamless online document collaboration directly to users. Built on the robust and proven ThinkFree Mobile platform, ThinkFree Mobile Netbook for Windows, Linux and Mac ESD version delivers fast and easy-to-use word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications. Users can now purchase and download ThinkFree Mobile Netbook for Windows, Linux and Mac ESD version at

Previously available only to device manufacturers, ThinkFree Mobile Netbook for Windows, Linux and Mac ESD version comes directly to users in response to a flood of individual inquiries since the launch of the ThinkFree Mobile line of productivity suites. ThinkFree is also offering a special discount price of $24.95 for Windows, Linux and Mac suites for a limited time. Customers who take advantage of this offer will also receive an extra 1GB of online storage, bringing their online total storage to 2GB.

ThinkFree Mobile Netbook for Windows, Linux and Mac ESD version consists of ThinkFree Write for word processing, ThinkFree Calc for spreadsheets and ThinkFree Show for presentations - all of which make it simple for mobile users to browse, edit, create and collaborate on documents while on-the-go. Featuring the best round-trip Microsoft Office compatibility, ThinkFree Mobile Netbook ESD comes with 1GB of free, reliable and secure online document storage and integrates seamlessly with ThinkFree Online, ThinkFree’s already existing online service for collaboration and synchronization across all documents.

“Since the introduction of ThinkFree Mobile Netbook Edition for Windows in October 2008, ThinkFree has continuously worked to expand its product portfolio to support the latest mobile Internet devices and underlying platforms, including Intel Atom, Google Android and Qualcomm Snapdragon / ARM,” said Su Jin Kim, CEO of ThinkFree. “The ThinkFree Mobile product family has been optimized for smaller screen dimensions and limited hardware resources. As such, the user interface offers more space to work on the actual document, and the software has a very small disk footprint. With the new ESD availability, users can instantly take advantage of the most advanced productivity geared at netbooks.”

ThinkFree has also released ThinkFree Mobile for Mac, the first to deliver a suite designed for the Mac. Editing documents between Windows and Mac environments has been a real headache in the past. The larger office suites come with a high price tag, perform slowly - particularly when converting files - and the overwhelmingly extensive features go far beyond what is needed by most users.

Pricing and Availability

ThinkFree Mobile Netbook Edition for Windows, Linux and Mac ESD are available now on for end users to purchase and download. Regular pricing: $39.95. Limited time offer: $24.95; includes 1GB additional online document storage (2GB total). Enter coupon code THINKFREE during checkout.

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