C2W launches betting app

Adding to the excitement around IPL 2009, Contests2win (C2W) launched its virtual betting application - Cricket Bookie (https://www.cricketbookie.in) on Orkut. After a thrilling season that saw more than 50,000 visitors on Orkut bet, win and lose millions in virtual cash everyday over serious triumphs and upsets, the app is now making a global splash to cricket fanatics on Facebook & MySpace!

With the ICC T20 World Cup on, expect things to get bigger & better with higher stakes, a global leaderboard, more bettors, down to the wire cricket matches and social network loyalists competing to show whose the best.

For the uninitiated - Cricket Bookie is a Social Networking application on Orkut, Facebook and MySpace (the 3 largest networks in the world) that allows users to bet on everything exciting and unpredictable about cricket matches. Users stake their virtual cash on match results and outcomes of interesting ball by ball situations. Apart from the obvious – ‘Who will win the match?’ or ‘Which country will win the cup?’ users can place live bets on ‘How many sixes will be hit in the over?’ or ‘What will happen on the first ball on the match?’

So what gets everyone hooked to the app? Apart from the thrills of betting, Cricket Bookie gives users a chance to compete with friends & thousands of bettors across social networks over a game they’re passionate about. The joy of winning and agony of losing is as real as it can get. Moreover, by the end of the season, leading bettors can win prizes and not to forget - the priceless bragging rights that come with it!

A simple click on the daily betting slip and you’re sure to get in knee deep. Raj Menon, COO, Contests2win.com, says, ‘Every Indian is an armchair expert on cricket and has point of view for any cricket situation.’ He adds, ‘Cricket Bookie is a great application for users to put their virtual money where their mouth is. The guaranteed adrenaline of betting and the excitement of betting against friends – Cricket Bookie is a great way for users to indulge in predictions and leaves them looking forward to watching each match!’

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