Orange launches ‘Comes With Music’ service exclusively on the Nokia 5800

Orange and Nokia today announced they will launch Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ service exclusively for Orange customers on the Nokia 5800.

Offering access to the Nokia Music Store with over 6 million tracks, Comes With Music will be available from Orange on the device across a selection of Orange pay monthly price plans and upgrades from Friday 29th May 2009.  In addition, the Nokia 5800 Comes With Music will be available exclusively to Orange customers in black / silver.

Starting at under 25 GBP per month, Orange will be the only UK network to offer the service and will do so across five ‘Comes with Music’ price plans. Along with the Nokia 5800 ‘Comes With Music’ handset and unlimited music downloads, Orange’s packages will also offer inclusive calls and texts on 24-month contracts, with each available from Orange on the high street (Orange retail and P4U), online and via telesales.

Once signed up, customers will be able to download unlimited free tracks from the Nokia Music Store to their PC, for transfer to their Orange Nokia 5800 ‘Comes With Music’ handset. Orange customers will also be able to download tracks ‘over the air’ via their handset at standard mobile data prices.

Consumers will be able to download as much music as they like for the length of the two-year contract and can keep that music once that period ends.

Speaking on the announcement, Francois Mahieu, Director of Devices for Orange UK, said: “We’re extremely excited about being the exclusive UK operator to offer Comes With Music on the Nokia 5800. We are always looking for ways to remove the barriers that stand between our customers and the things they love and believe that by offering this service, we are able to do just that.”

Mark Loughran, Managing Director, Nokia UK, said: “Mobile music is key to both Orange and Nokia, so we’re delighted to have them as our exclusive operator for Comes With Music on our best-seller - the Nokia 5800.  The ability to download all the music you love, free and legally from the Nokia Music Store on a great choice of Orange price plans will change music forever.”

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