Introducing the ASUS K Series Domino Collection for No-frills Computing

Designed to provide a no-frills computing experience to users while on the move, the ASUS K Series Domino Collection boasts the multimedia muscle to provide cinematic audio and visual enjoyment via a high definition LCD display, SRS® Premium Sound™ and Altec Lansing speakers. Users can also enjoy longer computing or entertainment hours with the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine for unplugged freedom, while a clever ASUS IceCool design ensures the temperature at the palm rest area is kept to a minimum, even after long computing hours. These features can be found on a notebook that is subtly iridescent courtesy of the innovative ASUS Infusion technology which provides the ASUS K Series Domino Collection with its ‘Domino’ motif, lending a refreshing yet minimalist approach to modern computing design.

High Definition Multimedia Entertainment On-the-go

The ASUS K Series sports Altec Lansing® speakers with SRS® Premium Sound™ for high definition audio reproduction, as well as a high definition LCD panel of up to 17.3” with a 16:9 golden aspect ratio, high contrast rate and color saturation. It is further complemented by graphics solutions from either NVIDIA® or AMD® for a truly entertaining visual experience.

The K40IN and K50IN are equipped with the NVIDIA® GeForce® G102M, which uses 512MB of dedicated graphics memory to accelerate 1080p high definition video playback, photo and video editing, video transcoding, and casual gaming. The GeForce® G102M uses 30%, or 8 watts, less power when running graphically extensive applications compared to other dedicated notebook graphics processors, resulting in longer battery life per charge.

The ASUS K Series also includes models that feature graphics solutions from AMD®. The K40AB, K50AB and K70AB are equipped with the ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD4570, while the K70AB and K51AB sport the ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD4860 which tackles the latest 3D games with the combined power of 640 stream processors. Users of these models can experience awe-inspiring visual entertainment, courtesy of the higher data rates delivered by advanced GDDR5 memory technology.

Enjoy Hours of Entertainment with Extended Battery Life

The ASUS K Series is equipped with the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine (SHE), which features the Power4 Gear Hybrid application for efficient energy conservation. Power4 Gear Hybrid facilitates the deployment and usage of power according to the users’ preferences in relation to the specific tasks that they need to perform. By intelligently optimizing both system performance and power efficiency, users can enjoy extended computing hours while out and about without plugging in.

Comfortable Computing Experience with ASUS IceCool Design

Designed to provide users with a comfortable mobile computing experience, the ASUS K Series features the IceCool design. Cleverly designed and positioned vents keep the palm rest cooler than the average human body temperature by 25%, delivering effective heat dissipation even after long hours of use.

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