July Systems Launches Network 18’s IBNPolitics.com on Mobile for Elections Coverage

July Systems announced the launch of IBNPolitics.com on mobile to offer coverage on India’s 2009 General Elections. (https://m.ibnpolitics.com). With this service, July has made available real-time access to comprehensive detail on the polls – live election results, including current and historical statistics by constituency, a complete poll schedule, and campaign videos for India’s vast electorate.

IBNPolitics.com is an election focused portal, and is part of CNN-IBN, a leading news channel in India.

July Systems enables the mobile internet in India. The company powers several popular entertainment news, sports, business, and entertainment brands on mobile. Headquartered in the United States, July counts leading American and global brands among its customers.

July’s Mi -Mobile Internet- Platform enables media brands to publish content to the mobile internet, effectively monetize their ad inventory, provide personalized services, and engage directly with their consumers. It is the industry’s first Mobile 2.0 Platform, and enables them to distribute efficiently across the mobile web, mobile app stores and carrier decks.

‘The 2009 General Election is first national poll where the mobile phone has become significant as a means for voters to access live coverage, access polling information, sound out opinions, and participate in discussions.’ said Rajesh Reddy, CEO, July Systems. ‘July Systems is pleased to extend the Mi Platform to IBNPolitics.com, to ensure this popular election destination is accessed in real time.’

‘CNN-IBN’s incisive coverage cuts through the clutter of today’s news, and our users experience the same high standard on IBNPolitics.com during these elections,’ said Rahul Pandey, Head, Mobile 18. ‘We’re pleased to leverage the Mi Platform’s proven capabilities for our election coverage on mobile, that includes detailed poll data, live breaking campaign news, videos, user generated content, and blogs.’

IBNPolitics.com on Mobile includes the following key features. Users get on-the-go access to

Live Election Results: When the returns come in, IBNPolitics users get real-time immediate access to events - information on polling trends, poll leaders, and winners. Users will be in touch with all election results at any time on their mobile devices.

Poll Stats – Historical election statistics by state and constituency are available for all previous elections, right from 1951 through 2004. This information is presented in a high degree of detail. For a particular constituency in a state in an election year, data is displayed for:

– Voter demographics,
– Total votes and percentage of votes won by party candidate,
– Seats won by party
– Winner margins
– Tally for all candidates in the fray

Poll Schedule – The general election schedule is displayed by state and by date. For a particular date, all the states and number of constituencies going to the polls are shown. For a state, the number of seats and the dates of polling for constituencies are available.

Blogs – On IBNPolitics mobile portal, blogs with opinions from candidates and political commentators are available on mobile.

Videos – IBNPolitics on Mobile displays videos from campaigns, candidate rallies, interviews, and featured candidates on the trail.

Other available features are top election news, user comments on topics, and user polling on issues.

Availability and Access:

To access IBNPolitics.com on mobile powered by the Mi Platform, go to https://m.ibnpolitics.com from a mobile phone browser.

For more information on July Systems, products and services, visit www.julysystems.com.

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