Sagoon launches special website for general election

Internet Search Engine Sagoon,(, today announced the launch of special dedicated site “India Election 09”– for the India General Election - available in English and Hindi.

In India, as estimated 55 million populations are moving onto the Internet and out of 55 million Internet users, 35 million are of voting age. Sagoon’s special Election page will benefits to those India’s active Internet users as well as global audience that is interested in India election. Sagoon’s special “India Election 09” site aims to gather latest updates election related information in form of News, Blogs, Video, Images and Quotes on one single page in easy to click user experience.

In addition to the latest news updates, Election site also provide users share their opinions and view the up-to date Election coverage. On the Election report tool, user views all updated reports by political parties, and their different electoral districts with the graphical summary.

Sagoon’s chief developer – Manish Kumar says, “we are pretty new but our mission is to organize the world information and making it accessible to users, in very short time, our effort is to help India Internet users through our special services to make informed decisions.” He says, “our services are rich and excited, users get complete information what they are looking for through our News, Video, Blogs, Image, Quotes and Election Report’s tool are the key features on the site.”

Sagoon in partnership with Raftaar, a Hindi search engine is covering and bringing all India Election related information in real time.

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