Carbonite launches Online Backup Solution for Mac users

Carbonite, Inc., the leading provider of online backup to consumers and small businesses, today launches Carbonite Online Backup for Mac. The product offers unlimited, automatic online backup for Intel-based Macs with OS 10.4 or 10.5.

“Our beta users were thrilled with Carbonite’s simple set-and-forget online backup solution for Mac. Now it’s available to everyone, and we’re confident that Carbonite for Mac will become the Mac user’s favorite way to protect their data,” said David Friend, co-founder and CEO of Carbonite. “Thanks to the fine work of the Mac fanatics in our engineering team, we now have a service that combines the robustness, scalability and maturity of our back-end storage systems with the elegance and beauty of a Mac interface.”

Carbonite has backed up more than 25 billion files, and backs up more than 100 million new files every day. Carbonite Online Backup installs with just a few clicks and runs quietly in the background, continually backing up the irreplaceable files on a computer. It is completely automatic — once installed, Carbonite finds new and changed files and continues to back them up whenever the computer is connected to the Internet. Data is encrypted before leaving the local computer and is transmitted to Carbonite’s secure data centers using HTTPS (SSL) for total privacy. For $54.95 per year, Carbonite subscribers get unlimited backup space, so they’ll never outgrow their Carbonite subscription. A free trial is available at

Carbonite Online Backup for Mac contains a number of product features to meet the needs of all types of users.

Easy Install

Carbonite Online Backup installs quickly and easily. The application is fully integrated with the Mac OS and works quietly in the background without impacting system performance. By default, Carbonite backs up the irreplaceable files in all users’ folders, including the desktop, documents and pictures folders.

Mac users can check the status of their backup by opening the Carbonite Preference Pane through System preferences. Under the Backup tab, users are able to see colored dots on every file and folder indicating whether or not the file is included in the backup and if that backup is up-to-date.

Easy Restore

In the event of data loss, Carbonite makes it easy to recover files. Individual files and folders can be restored directly to a Mac through Carbonite to the original location, the desktop, or another location selected by the user. There’s no delay and no need to have DVDs or hard drives shipped in the mail. For a full restore, there is a Restore Assistant that guides Mac users through the process.

Easy on your bandwidth

Carbonite Online Backup for Mac uses powerful lossless compression to minimize the impact on Internet speed. Carbonite automatically adjusts its bandwidth requirements for other tasks running on a Mac, so users never even notice Carbonite is working in the background. If the user has multiple Macs sharing one Internet connection, they can switch to low-priority mode to ensure that Carbonite doesn’t interfere with the Internet usage of other computers.
Remote Web Access

Just last week, Carbonite unveiled the addition of remote file access to its basic service. Carbonite subscribers can log on to their account from any browser on any kind of computer and immediately download files that are backed-up with Carbonite.

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