ASUS sets CeBIT 2009 showfloor abuzz with award-winning Eee Innovations

ASUS today dazzled the CeBIT 2009 showfloor with its groundbreaking Eee Keyboard PC and two new exciting Eee PC™ models—the Eee PC™ T91 and Eee PC™ 1008HA. For their bold innovation and exceptional product design, the buzz-generating Eee Keyboard PC and Eee PC™ T91 were awarded the first and second places in the CeBIT-PreView Awards respectively, based on the votes from a community of over 300 German media.

Eee Keyboard PC: A Fully Functional PC in an Ultra Slim Keyboard

Easily the most innovative and exciting computer available today, the space-saving and supremely portable Eee Keyboard PC offers the complete functionality of a desktop PC in a slim and stylish keyboard that weighs under 1kg. It easily turns any big-screen TV or LCD monitor into a fully functional PC and multimedia entertainment center via its Ultra Wide Band Wireless connectivity—making it suitable for any modern home. A 5-inch touch panel provides users with an interactive and intuitive means of controlling the screen cursor. For its visionary innovation and cutting-edge aesthetics, the Eee Keyboard PC was awarded first place in the CeBIT-PreView Awards

Eee PC™ T91: Fun at Your Fingertips

The Eee PC™ T91 tablet puts the fun and creativity back into computing with its 8.9” touchscreen. To maximize the user’s touch experience, the Eee PC™ T91 comes with a sensational collection of touch-optimized software collectively dubbed TouchSuite. The programs of particular note include:

IE ToolBar: Embeds a convenient toolbar in Internet Explorer that enables users to easily zoom in and out of web pages by manipulating a slider with their fingers. It also simplifies and speeds up switching between open web pages.

FotoFun: Allows users to flip through, organize, edit and upload their photos with just a flick of their fingers.
Memos: Allows users to jot down handwritten notes which can then be ‘stuck’ on the desktop or even sent to other Eee PCs™.
3Doorway: Offers a quick and interactive means to switch between different user interfaces on the fly. Users can choose between XP, Widget and Touch modes.

These constitute just a fraction of the programs specially designed to add a touch of convenience to computing.

The Eee PC™ T91 weighs just 0.96kg and offers 5 hours*** of battery life. It is equipped with 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth, 3G plus (HSUPA)** connectivity, as well as a built-in GPS** and TV tuner**. The Eee PC™ T91 was awarded second place in the CeBIT-PreView Awards.

Eee PC™ 1008HA: Style. Take It Everywhere.

A mere 1” slim and 1.1kg light, the über-stylish Eee PC™ 1008HA is the embodiment of refined mobile computing. Dressed in a luxe pearlescent casing that gives off a captivating sheen, it features a desktop application bar called Eee Docking that provides one-click access to a full suite of exclusive software including:

•    Eee Sharing: Makes it easy to synchronize Eee PCs™ with other computers and share messages and documents with other Eee PC™ users—even without Internet access.

•    Eee Arena: Offers easy access to thousands of songs, videos, radio stations, games, magazines and more.

The Eee PC™ 1008HA offers great user comfort and convenience with its 92%-scaled keyboard, multi-touch touchpad, instant key (for quick access to Wi-Fi and the touchpad lock), Digital Array Mic, 1.3 megapixel camera, and comprehensive wireless connectivity options (802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth, 3.75G and WiMAX). It is also equipped with SRS Premium Sound technology for pristine audio playback quality.

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