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Nokia and the TED Conference announce global partnership

Nokia today announced its second year as a partner and supporter of the TED Conference fostering new projects on the rich common ground between TED’s mission of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ and Nokia’s goal of ‘Connecting People.’ In times that call for new ideas and the ability for people to help spread those ideas, Nokia will serve as TED’s Global Communications Partner to support two specific programs - the TED translation program and TED Fellows.

The TED translation program
TED Talks have a global audience of tens of millions - and Nokia is teaming up with TED to take the visionary ideas to many more with the launch of the TED translation program. This ambitious project aims to tap into the skills of the global TED community in a crowd-sourcing effort to translate the most inspiring talks into the world’s myriad of languages - and reach new audiences for the first time.

In 2009, TED’s impact will increase exponentially as TED.com expands beyond the English-speaking world with its translation program offering the extraordinary ability for anyone, anywhere to translate any talk into any language.  This approach is scalable, and TED’s translation program gives speakers of less-dominant languages an equal opportunity to spread ideas. When the program launches next month, some TED Talks will be translated into at least 30 languages. The goal is to have more than 100 languages represented by the end of 2009. More information can be found on www.ted.com/sponsors/nokia.

TED Fellows
In 2009, TED launches its TED Fellows program which rolls out during the year at TED2009 in Long Beach, TEDGlobal in Oxford, and TEDIndia in Mysore.  Nokia is proud to help search for these inspiring individuals who represent the next generation of leaders, thinkers, artists, scientists, makers, doers, entrepreneurs and activists - all of whom have ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. Nokia will also support the Fellows with the latest Nokia devices to aid them in their work - as well as airtime to help spread their ideas as widely as possible.

More information about the TED Fellows program can be found at www.ted.com/fellows.

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