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NVIDIA GeForce powers new affordable MacBook

Starting today, even the most affordable Apple MacBook features a GeForce GPU to accelerate today’s popular visual computing applications. The entry-level $999 MacBook now ships with the award-winning GeForce 9400M, which delivers up to 5 times faster graphics performance than Centrino II-based notebooks. This means that every MacBook in Apple’s lineup now runs on GeForce.

Before today, the $999 polycarbonate MacBook used Intel chipsets. Apple has refreshed the 13-inch polycarbonate MacBook with the GeForce 9400M, which is great news for price-conscious buyers who demand world-class graphics capabilities even on the most affordable MacBook.

Apple’s 13-inch polycarbonate MacBook offers incredible performance for its price. The new GeForce-powered MacBooks provide significantly improved performance, according to Macworld’s tests.

With the power of the 9400M GPU, the result is much better graphics performance than even before on the MacBook. With the graphics-intensive Call of Duty 4, the new MacBooks pumped out a little more than 35 frames per second—the older high-end MacBook managed only 10. These numbers back up Apple’s assertions that game performance is up as much five times over previous systems. As a colleague pointed out, game performance on the two generations of MacBook is the difference between actually playing a game and watching a slideshow. Higher screen resolution tests were impressive as well.

The award-winning GeForce 9400M GPU offers 16 cores of graphics processing power to accelerate visual computing applications like Adobe Photoshop, video games, high definition movies, video transcoding, and more.

The GeForce 9400M is a high performance GPU designed for highly integrated, smaller computing devices. Its single-chip architecture replaces 20-year-old two-chip designs, enabling unprecedented performance for thin and light notebooks.

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