ASUS unveils VK266H - personal entertainment LCD monitor

Cognizant that the brilliant reproduction of colors is the key to believability and immersion during movie watching and gaming, ASUS today launched the VK266H LCD monitor which supports 1920×1200 high resolution, Full HD 1080p video playback via an HDMI input, a high 20000:1 contrast ratio, 2 ms (gray-to-gray) response time and ASUS’ exclusive Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology. Splendid™ utilizes a color engine that analyzes the properties of video content being played back and automatically optimizes image quality for the best visual results in any usage scenario—ultimately making for a vastly improved personal entertainment experience. In keeping with ASUS’ recent drive to integrate video conferencing features into its monitors, the ASUS VK266H is also equipped with a rotatable 2.0 mega pixel webcam with Smart EV (Exposure Value) Control technology to enable high quality and convenient real-time video communications under different lighting conditions.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vinay Shetty – Country Head – Component Business ASUS (India) said, “The ASUS VK266H monitor marks our entry into the LCD segment in India. It is a perfect solution for users demanding high definition visuals for their personal entertainment needs. This monitor will primarily cater to gamers and cinema lovers who need a more enhanced visual experience than what a regular LCD monitor can offer. We will also be launching our entire new range of LCD monitors in India soon.”

Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology

Underpinning the ASUS VK266H’s stunning visual performance is the exclusive Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology which adjusts the displays’ parameters to ensure the best possible color and image reproduction based on the nature of the user’s current task. Its color engine analyzes the properties of video content being played back and optimizes image quality for the best visual results. Users can experience this brilliant technology in all ASUS LCD monitors.

Splendid™ features five video preset modes (Theater, Game, Scenery, Night View and Standard) and three skin tone selections (Natural, Reddish and Yellowish) to enable users to further fine-tune the monitors to achieve specific results. Theater mode, for example, enhances the contrast and color saturation of video content to deliver a cinematic experience. Game mode adaptively brings up the dark areas of in-game scenes, enabling users to see creatures cloaked in shadow. Scenery mode increases the brightness range, introduces more contrast gradations and selectively tweaks the color saturation of key elements such as blue skies and green fields to make for more captivating land and seascapes. Night View mode smartly highlights the details in dark scenes, capturing the beauty of night footage in crisp and vibrant fashion. These five video preset modes are conveniently selectable via hotkeys, enabling users to instantly effect changes to their display settings according to their preferences.

A Host of Industry-leading Image Processing Technologies

In addition to Splendid™, the ASUS VK266H incorporates a host of advanced image processing technologies that further bolsters its performance. These include Trace Free technology that delivers a 2 ms (gray-to-gray) quick response time to eliminate image ghosting, ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) technology that amplifies the contrast ratio to an astounding 20000:1, and Aspect Control technology that enables the playback of 4:3 images without distortion. Moreover, the VK266H incorporates DCDi technology which improves the image quality of fast motion footage through deinterlacing and anti-aliasing.

The VK266H boasts an HDMI interface, enabling the delivery of multichannel audio and uncompressed digital video through a single cable for Full HD 1080p quality—perfect for high definition movie playback and gaming. Having an HDMI input also ensures convenient connectivity with other home entertainment devices, such as Blu-ray Disc players and game consoles. In addition, the VK266H features a Component video input (YPbPr) and a S/PDIF digital audio output for more multimedia connectivity options. It is also equipped with stereo speakers that are capable of delivering remarkable audio quality for games, movies and music.

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