Enhanced IP Surveillance Options from D-Link

D-Link, the end-to-end computer networking solutions provider for consumers and businesses, today unveiled a new Internet-based surveillance product line - the network video recorders (NVR) - designed with advanced features and compact size to meet the camera monitoring needs of consumers, small office/home office (SOHO) users and small-to-medium businesses.

The DNS-722-4 and DNS-726-4 are based on D-Link’s proven 2-bay network attached storage (NAS) device technology. The DNS-726-4 NVR Pro version works with D-Link as well as third party network cameras.

Both are standalone serial ATA RAID NVRs that feature a security lock, 24/7 recording with a PC, friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for multiple camera management and direct access for viewing live video or playing back recorded data through the Internet from anywhere at anytime.

One of the most powerful features of the cameras is flexible event management. The NVRs can monitor all camera "triggers" from motion detection or digital input interface. The DNS-726-4 can centrally control the digital output, email and recording of all networked cameras. For example, if camera 1 detects motion, the NVR can trigger camera 2 to record, camera 3 to emit light, and camera 4 to turn to the preset position.

An event log keeps track of log pages by date for easy look up, and multiple contact lists can be created for event notification.

Both new D-Link NVRs boast Intelligent Playback features, such as:

· Smart Search - users can save time searching through recorded data. The NVR’s intelligent search function quickly retrieves data by finding a selected area on the video and setting the search criteria (motion detected, object missing, focus lost, camera occlusion, etc.). The DNS-726-4 will display the list and play from the event timeframe.

· Multiple channel playbacks - After selecting the desired video period, the DNS-726-4 will begin playback and display up to four simultaneous channels. The DNS-722-4 supports one channel.

· Playback speed control - Both NVRs can playback at up to 16x speeds in fast forward or fast backward modes.

· Step playback - The NVRs can playback video one frame at a time.

· Video enhancement - Users can adjust the recorded video to get enhanced output for brightness, sharpness, etc. for either playback viewing, snapshots or prints.

Other key features include:

· Camera status display - Both NVRs will produce a status page to show connection, recording, frame and bit rate information for each camera. Users also can check the display to see how much recording time remain, and for easy identification, each camera’s name is shown on all video channels.

· "Always" or "Event" recording status - Users can avoid unintentional recording interruptions by checking their PC or laptop screen displays to find which recording mode activity.

Comparatively, the D-Link NVRs are the only IP surveillance recording and playback management systems that offer Power over Ethernet (PPPoE), unlimited schedule recording, dynamic DNS, four-channel support, two 3.5-inch SATA bays, four different RAID levels for backup and up to 120 frame speed performance for under $700.

Pricing and availability: -

D-Link DNS-722-4 and DNS-726-4 are available at an estimated street price of Rs. 32,000/- and Rs. 55,000/- respectively. Both these products are sold through D-Link’s vast network of value-added resellers, solution providers and distributors present all across India.

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