Tridex Solutions launches 3D laser scanning technology services in India

Tridex Solutions is a leading innovative Engineering and Geospatial Service Company dedicated to serve its customers across the globe. Tridex is the only company in Asia providing 3D LiDAR/Laser scanning services which captures true to the picture images with engineering grade accurate data using patented Award Winning “Life Dimensional Technology” . As a platform independent company, We are committed to offer highly innovative solutions for the AEC, Urban Development, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Transportation, Railways, Highways, GIS, Mining etc . Our research indicates that our technology is unique and second to none. It will offer significant advantages over all available services today in the market. We call it “Technology For The Next Generation”.

“Our innovativeservices and product line allowing users to capture, design and visualize real world environments right from their computer desktop in minutes” said Atul Vashisth, CEO of Tridex.

What is Real Life 3D technology:

A 3D laser scan captures existing conditions of the built and natural environment in minute detail which is of survey quality with real world images and 3D models containing absolute accurate dimensions and measurements. Through this the captured data can be seen as a model with a 360° field of view allowing visualizing from any angle. The data from the scan survey can be migrated to Cad platforms like Autocad, Microstation etc. for further work. The scan not only captures every intricate detail from a distance but also is helps in saving hundreds of man hours.

The 3D scan offer a fully comprehensive range of geometric services and products within the three dimensional world, collected and created using the whole spectrum of geometric procedures, from traditional survey techniques through to the most up-to-date precision technology. The latest in real world 3D scan techniques involves the fusion of LIDAR (XYZ), digital image (RGB), and geophysical position (GPS) at the pixel level creates a “Real life 3D” picture. This picture is used for archiving and mining intelligent pixels to decode real world scenes for new insights and to create “what if” scenarios by inserting objects and combining LD3 pictures to encode potential new scene possibilities.

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