becomes India’s biggest platform for showcasing contemporary art

Hourglass Art Advisory has announced availability of a whole new art marketplace, ( Artflute showcases 250 Artists and their artworks. With displays of more than 1000 approved Artworks artflute is poised to become India’s biggest platform for showcasing Indian Contemporary Art.

Artflute displays a wide range of artworks from painting to sculpture, digital and new media works, prints and photographs which are original and crafted (creations) by Indian artists at early artist prices that carry authenticity certificates. Arflute intends to provide new and emerging artists a step forward in their careers as well as creating a showcase for established artists. It also gives artist complete freedom to establish their painting value (real value for their artwork) and art collectors’ a wider buying option. There is no registration fee to join

Making the announcement Chandini Harlalka, CEO of Arflute said, “Artists and Art Collectors will find artflute conceptually very different - Unlike other services, on Artflute, artists can set up a free account, price their artworks themselves, build their own galleries, interact with peer groups, blog, upload and view videos, post event, comment on artworks and get advise on just about anything they would like. At artflute prices of artworks are determined by the artists rather than the auction based system.”

“Artflute developers have done extensive research beforehand to bring an absolute comfort zone for both artists as well as for art collectors. While we all know that the online medium may not allow for face to face interaction, at one is always free to call for expert advice on the artists or artworks even without intent to purchase. This may not be so in the case of a physical space, where one feels intimidated to ask for fear of having to buy.” also provides artworks much more than thumbnails. At the gallery, collectors can click on any of the artworks and get a larger view to experience the exquisiteness of the painter’s art. Apart from this, a prospect buyer is free to call artflute experts and seek suggestions on the kind of work that they can find and buy. Artflute’s opinions and suggestion will be artist agnostic since artflute has no stock to sell.

Artflute has also created a special section called ‘Handpicked by Artflute’ where buyers can know why a particular artwork is recommended amongst many others and offer solutions for everyone’s needs. Its open and transparent platform allows everyone to interact, own an artwork, or just get simple art education through the videos and blog. For instance: if you are looking for something just like Artist Sikandar Singh made for one of Artflute’s customers – you can write to them and they will have it made. Artflute also takes up decoration of homes with artworks and corporate art projects on a regular basis.

All images of artworks showcased on Artflute are the pictures taken and uploaded by the artist himself/herself which will ensure that their artworks are represented in the best and most ‘true’ manner possible. As far as sculptures are concerned Artflute allows 4 views of the artwork to be displayed so that buyers can get an overall view of the piece that they wish to consider for purchase.

Artflute plans to open art lab (offline spaces) in future to complement its online presence and enable artists to paint, interact with students and buyers. Artflute will also extend marketing support to the registered artist through physical shows from time to time to generate buyer interest and confidence. Artflute allows artists and buyers to comment on artwork and artists, which allows for open communication.

Prices at range from Rs.2500 to Rs.2500000. A vast majority of prints will soon be available as original, limited edition prints. All limited editions prints by master artists are signed by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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  1. I saw the website and believe that this is a great effort towards bringing transparency into the art market. A showcase of Indian art to the rest of the world - in one space makes a statement of who we are and what we stand for.