SAMSUNG expands 2009 digital camera lineup with four new models

At the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today introduced its new digital camera lineup for the first half of 2009. Consisting of four new models, Samsung’s new digital cameras run the gamut in terms of style and innovation and are designed for shooters of various skill levels and budgets.

The new 10.2 mega-pixel HZ10W sets a new standard for the mega-zoom category, offering a high-performance, ultra-wide 24mm Schneider lens with 10x optical zoom that allows shooters to be more creative and flexible when taking digital images. The HZ10W offers a host of manual controls, including the ability to adjust shutter speed, aperture, exposure, and focus. The camera also incorporates both Optical and Digital Image Stabilization to help reduce image blur. The HZ10W gives shooters the ability to capture video in 720p high-definition at 30 frames-per-second (fps), and thanks to H.264 compression, users can record video for longer periods of time, allowing them to better utilize the remaining memory capacity on their memory card. Additionally, shooters can utilize Optical Image Stabilization and the camera’s 10x optical zoom while recording video, as well as Samsung’s Successive Recording mode, which allows the user to pause and then resume filming without having to save the clips as individual files.

At just 16.6mm thick (excluding the lens), the TL100 is the ideal solution for consumers in search of an easy-to-use, portable, pocket-sized digital camera. Ultra-slim and stylish, the 12.2 mega-pixel TL100 features a 3x optical zoom and large 2.7 inch LCD housed in brushed stainless steel body. The camera also boasts Samsung’s new Smart Auto feature, which automatically selects the appropriate scene mode for the environment users may be shooting in. For example, the TL100’s Smart Auto feature will automatically set the camera to its landscape scene mode if the user is taking an image of a mountain range, and then switch gears and automatically select the portrait scene mode if the user proceeds to take an image of an individual. No manual interaction is required by the user.

SL-Series: SL102 and SL420
Rounding out Samsung’s digital camera introductions at CES 2009 are two new models joining the company’s popular and user-friendly SL-Series – the SL102 and SL420. Both new SL Series digital cameras feature a resolution of 10.2 mega-pixels, offer Face Detection and are powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. The SL102 features a 3x optical zoom, Digital Image Stabilization technology, and a 2.5 inch LCD, while the SL420 goes a step further, addressing consumers’ demands for larger LCD screens, longer zooms, and better stabilization. The SL420 features a larger 2.7 inch LCD display, a more powerful 5x optical zoom that allows the shooter to get in close to their subject from far away, and Dual Image Stabilization, which combines the strengths of both Optical and Digital Image Stabilization to help reduce blur caused by an unsteady hand. The SL102 can record MJPEG / VGA video, and the SL420 can record MPEG4 / SVGA video.

The SL102 and SL420 will be available in Spring 2009.

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