Tadiran Telecom launches SIP-compliant softphone SeaBeam

Written on December 25, 2008 – 2:26 PM | by Editor |

Tadiran Telecom Ltd, an established innovator in telecommunications for more than 40 years, has announced the launch of its next generation telephony client, SeaBeam. It is a SIP-compliant softphone that allows users to integrate telephony experience with laptop or desktop computer.

SeaBeam is available in two ‘flavors’ — software and stick. The software version is a downloadable self-extracting executable file; the stick version is a USB Flash drive that houses the SeaBeam, which is automatically launched when you plug the stick into your computer. The SeaBeam stick package also includes a built-in audio device and portable earset microphone so users can easily use SeaBeam from any computer.

The Stick-based SeaBeam is Tadiran’s plug and play sophisticated SIP Phone, which provides

multi-media capabilities. Voice and video calls can be received and initiated independent of location, from any place over the Global IP network. It provides enterprises’ employees with bounder-less mobility, flexibility, and the capability to be reached at any place at any time.

SeaBeam on sticks benefits:

•    Simplicity – plug and play installation,USB1.1 compatible
•    Driver built-in, no need for any additional drivers or software
•    Auto-launching Softphone
•    Auto-upgrade and recovery
•    SIP Standard compliant
•    Embedded echo cancellation and noise reduction
•    Built-in USB audio devise (better sound quality) - no need for a sound card
•    Can be connected with any computer having an active internet connection
•    Unified Messaging, conference calls

Coral SeaBeam Softphone runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems and connects to Tadiran’s Sea Softswitch or to Coral IPx and Coral FlexiCom systems.

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