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Mobiquest launches SMS based mobile sales tool

Mobiquest launches SMS based mobile sales and supply chain reporting tool. MobiSales is an, innovative product which helps you get daily sales report, stock updates and much more from the field by using simple common mobile phones and the universal SMS technology.

The company that has launched many products in the enterprise mobility space has been able to create a mobile based sales tool that has the capabilities of afull-fledged remote data capture but does neither require a high-end phone nor GPRS. It will capture data and send it as a SMS packet that gets decoded by MobiSales back-end system. The back-end system has capability to provide web reports, excel reports of daily field data or integrate the data with any existing system or back-end ERP system.

According to Vineet Narang, CEO, MobiQuest, this product is highly suitable for insurance, healthcare, unorganized retail, pharma, FMCG and any other company that has agents, sales force on the field or any other field data capture activity. There is a lot of information that every company collects from their field employees, sales force, dealers, and channels on regular basis. All this information can be collected and transferred daily consistently eliminating the last mile problem completely.

MobiSales is very easy to implement and is highly cost effective. There is no need of any large investment in phones and GPRS. MobiQuest charges as per person per month fee depending on the number of people.

According to Sabina Kamal, COO, our mobile sales tool is the most easy to use tool in the market for daily sales report, time sheets, retail data capture from point of sale and real time synchronization with back-end databases and applications. It uses the universal SMS technology and can run on simple common mobile phones of sales people, insurance agents, field employees and surveyors.

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