launches pay-per-resume model

In today’s overly competitive world with thousands of engineers graduating every year there is one question running through every job seeker’s mind – how do I differentiate from others? How do I make my resume visible to the employers? Mere uploading of resumes in the popular job portals is no solution because these portals have become a dump of millions of resumes where, in all probability, one’s resume gets lost.

The trick is in turning to niche portals, communities and forums pertaining to one’s profession, skills and interests. ( is one such portal in the Testing and Quality Assurance space. It is India’s premier job portal focused only on QA and Testing professionals. Job seekers can build their complete profile, upload resumes and apply from amongst the hundreds of testing jobs listed there.

“We provide the perfect platform to people in the testing domain so as they can differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. At the same time AceQA serves as a platform for employers looking to attract good talent in testing” said Mukesh Sharma, founder-CEO of QA InfoTech (, the company that has launched AceQA. He added “From employers’ perspective, AceQA is truly unique in letting them buy individual resumes using a Pay-Per-Resume model. Employers have the flexibility of buying only the chosen profiles. ”

One of the main things that recruiters look out for in a job portal is the search because that’s the tool which finds them their prospective employees. AceQA addresses this requirement with its QSearch. “Our QSearch is as powerful as the search engines of the best job portals in today’s market. QSearch ranks results in a smart manner putting the most relevant profiles right at the top. Owing to this, recruiters have closed QA positions in turn around time of as less as one week” said Mukesh.

Since its launch in March this year, this portal has been growing by leaps and bounds. As of today there are more than 14,000 registered testing professionals, close to 800 jobs posted and over 300 employers registered. The numbers, growing by the day, ascertain the idea behind AceQA.

On an ending note, Mukesh said, “Here in India, there is a huge demand for testing professionals, not only in IT but in many other industries like Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, and Automobiles. In AceQA our vision is to cater to the testing-specific recruitment needs across diverse industries.”

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