Micro Technologies launches the Micro Mobile Controller System

With almost a revolutionary break-through that will have significant repercussions for mobile users across the country, Mumbai-based Micro Technologies Ltd. has launched the Micro Mobile Controller System, a software that helps to remotely manage your own mobile handset with the help of the add on recipient mobile number. This particular software is far beyond just the concept of security, in which it not only creates a backup of all contact details even after the loss of a mobile handset but the registered owner can retrieve, delete the contact details, MMS and SMS with the add-on users mobile. It is also clubbed with basic security features of tracking the new SIM card that has been inserted in the lost/ stolen phone by the location of the nearest cell tower.

Says Mukund Gupta, COO, Micro Technologies, “ Once the features of our Micro Mobile Controller is known to the world, we believe that managing and securing mobile phones will become more easier for mobile users. Micro Mobile Controller above all the existing features gives an extraordinary backup facility of the contact details to the registered user which gives the registered user a safer hand in keeping the contact details intact. Micro Mobile Controller will be an enhanced product to discourage mobile theft in the future. We’re indeed are very proud to launch this indigenously-developed product for the Indian Mobile Market.”

India is adding somewhere around 8-10 million mobile connections every month and according to some estimates total connections are likely to reach 600 million by 2011.The flip side of such unprecedented growth in the number of mobile users is an equally unprecedented growth in instances of lost / stolen mobile phones. With mobile handset costing anywhere between Rs 4000 - Rs 40,000, the total value of lost / stolen mobiles could be staggering. The value of damages associated with misuse of contact details, SMS/MMS records, and pictures on the handsets and the impact of damages are huge. What’s worse is that most instances of lost / stolen mobiles don’t result into police complaints and therefore these mobiles remain untraced. No wonder, the size of second hand mobile industry runs into a few hundred crore rupees.

After spending considerable time and efforts on research, Micro Technologies India Limited, an R&D based security and tracking software solutions provider, has come up with an innovative solution.

Micro Mobile Controller has the following unique features:

•    Receive call logs of all the calls made by the new SIM card

•    Avoid the misuse of your personal data on the handset by deleting all the records like contact details, SMSs, MMSs, picture gallery within a few seconds with the help of Registered recipient mobile

•    Retrieve all the contact details

•    Immediate knowledge of the new SIM number card inserted in your lost/stolen handset. You also receive as a proof, your handset’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number and the number of the new SIM card that has been inserted

•    Receive the address of the nearest cell tower site and determine whereabouts of your handset anywhere in the country

Once the Micro Mobile Controller is installed on to the compatible handset the user has to provide two add-on recipients mobile numbers which could be a mobile number of any friend/family/colleague. When the registered users’ handset gets lost or stolen, the information can be easily retrieved using add-on Recipients mobile phones.

“While there are various mobile tracking products are available, Micro Mobile Controller is designed by keeping in mind multiple real problems associated with lost / stolen mobile. We are very confident that with this new product, more people will be able to lodge police complaints and retrieve their handsets and avoid the misuse of the data.” Said, - Mukund Gupta.

“Reasonably priced at Rs. 499/- for yearly subscription, Micro Mobile Controller can be purchased online at www.microlmts.net”

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