Max Secure Software unveils world’s fastest anti-virus product

Max Secure Software, a leading provider of anti- virus software for computer users, announced today the unveiling of ‘Max Secure Anti Virus Pro’ the world’s fastest anti-virus software. The anti virus product can improve the detection of viruses by using smart scan proprietary technology that modifies how a computer is scanned, ultimately helping reduce scan time by up to 40 minutes.

Sanjay Pradhan, founder and CEO of Max Secure Software, while addressing the media said “Antivirus scanning of the PC is extremely boring as it takes a very long time and it uses lots of system resources like CPU and memory. Hence, we are announcing the launch of fastest, lightest and time tested antivirus solution ‘Max Secure Anti Virus Pro’. Now this product has cut scan time down to only a few minutes at the most with best detection rate and active protection.”

“We have a large customer base worldwide and it is a proof that our products are world-class security and privacy solutions which are well received by computer users and we are confident to be making an inroads in the Indian market too” he added further.

‘Max Secure Anti Virus Pro’. Salient Features:

Comprehensive Virus and Spyware Detection

Max Secure Software employs a dedicated database team which uses state-of-the-art virus research methods to identify and resolve new virus threats, hidden rootkit files and heuristic scans before they are widely distributed.

Advanced Blocking

Max Secure Anti Virus Pro has advanced blocking features which block spyware ActiveX, registry intrusions, browser helper objects, toolbars, hosts file modifications and tracking cookies. It also blocks the bad websites and users can also add the websites they feel are not worth browsing. This feature also terminates the new viruses even before their installation.

Complete Removal

Max Secure Anti Virus detects and deletes the toughest virus and spyware programs in just one scan. The product also provides advanced and comprehensive cleaning technology for special viruses, which are formidable next-generation virus threats.

Instant Premium Support

Customers who purchase Max Secure Anti Virus are assured immediate access to Max Secure Software’s technical support. The firm’s technical experts and friendly support team is available to answer any questions customers might have at no cost 24×7.

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  1. Please give me a antivirus software for my mobile s40 nokia 3110c