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reQall offers free memory aid for iPhone

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Fans of the new iPhone can now forget about forgetting thanks to a new memory product made in India. reQall ( is bringing its award-winning memory aid that has been such a hit in the US and Europe to Indian consumers. Any owner of the new iPhone or iPod Touch can now download reQall’s application for free from Apple’s App Store and use it to better organize schedules, to-do lists and reminders.

Launching the application in their home country, India, is particularly rewarding for reQall’s founding team of Rao Machiraju, Sunil Vemuri and Ash Vasudevan, as it comes on the heels of a wildly-successful international debut. “Our development team in Hyderabad helped build a product that has been praised from the BBC to the New York Times,” said CEO Machiraju. “Now we’re bringing reQall home.”

“reQall is based on groundbreaking research from the world-famous MIT Media Lab in the US and developed in Hyderabad under the guidance of one of the best executive and advisory teams in the technology industry,” adds co-founder Ash Vasudevan.

Here’s how it works: reQall lets users record reminders by speaking into their phone. It converts these reminders into text, which are delivered back precisely at the right time. The product can prompt users via text message, instant message, email or as a calendar alert. It also recognises the keyword “buy” and automatically adds the entry to a shopping list or agenda. reQall automatically recognises dates and times, so if you say “remind me to use my airmiles before May 18,” a reminder is inserted in your calendar. If you use the word “meet” reQall will automatically schedule a meeting. You can even use your iPhone to remind your friends or family members by saying things like “ask Jenny to get the car washed.” Jenny will then immediately receive a reminder from you by text, email or instant message. You can even take pictures using your iPhone and store these within reQall, so you can remember things that you can’t easily describe.

reQall user Jon Kim explained: “All my life, I have suffered from very severe Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In no way did reQall erase my disorder, but it did the next best thing by giving me the most efficient memory aid that no paper and ink, nor any other voice recorder or other device, could have ever offered me. I’ve been using this program for ten days now, and I refuse to be without it.”

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