Digital Bhoomi Software launches iConnect - a social networking Orkut application

Digital Bhoomi Software launched a social networking Orkut application called iConnect. The application will help users connect with activity partners, romance buddies or life partners and help to get a job or dream home. It will also help the users to organize social events and to gather like minded volunteers for social services. iConnect users can also track their friend’s listings. Users get 100 bonus points and can accumulate more by helping their friends get what they are looking for. The application was launched on July 26th and was installed more than thousand times in the last two days. iConnect is unique in the world of Orkut applications.

iConnect allows the users track the latest requests from anyone in their network and helps them contribute. The users can also use other products and services such as India Discussion Forums.

iConnect is also available in Hi5 Social network. iConnect application allows the users to post video ads and colorful pictures while they are in Orkut or Hi5.

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