Searchme launches two new visual search features

Jun 25th, 2008 | By Karishma Sundaram | Category: Internet

Searchme, Inc. announced today that it is launching two new visual search features that help users quickly find, organize and share information. These include Media Search for videos and images with content from YouTube(TM) and Flickr(TM); and Stacks, visual bookmarks that users can share on email, blogs, web sites, Facebook(R) pages and, all with the click of a button. These features, along with how-to videos and a Stacks Gallery, are available at

“These visual search applications enhance our core search engine by allowing people to use Searchme in fresh, innovative ways across various media and all over the Web,” said Randy Adams, Searchme CEO. “It’s another step in our long-term plan to add features and functionality, improve our beta engine’s relevance and coverage, and create a world-class search experience.”

Searchme Stacks

Searchme Stacks extend visual search into the bookmark space and across the Web, allowing users to assemble collections of their favorite web pages in one place and easily share them in an elegant, viral way. To create Stacks such as “My Daily News Sites,” “Top Ten Videos,” “Web 2.0 Articles, “or “Summer Vacation Research,” users click on the “stacks” button at, choose “new” then drag and drop Searchme results pages into a custom Stack. Users can then click the “share” button and follow a few simple steps to send the Stack via email or post it to a blog, web site, Facebook(R) profile or page. To view a Stack, users simply click on the link in the email or the Stack icon anywhere on the Web, and it opens as a gallery of results pages.

“Until now, most web users have had to check multiple bookmarks every day, click on dozens of links pasted into an email, and hunt multiple times for sites they saw once but didn’t have time to check out,” said Adams. “With Stacks, they can now bypass these methods, saving time and creating an organized web experience.”

Searchme Media Search

Searchme Media Search leverages the power of visual search to help users find what they’re looking for on sites like YouTube(TM) and Flickr(TM). Users simply click on the “video” or “image” buttons on the Searchme site to choose the type of media they’re looking for, then scroll through their results to quickly identify the correct video or picture.

“Media search was one of our beta testers’ most requested features,” said Adams, “and now our users can find and preview photos and videos all in one place, and play their videos before they click through.”

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