ASUS launches a fast-looking phone!

May 13th, 2008 | By Editor | Category: Featured, Mobile

Two great names renowned for uncompromising quality in style and materials have come together to create a mobile masterpiece. ASUS and Lamborghini are now the proud co-branders of the ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 PDA phone – born out of a passionate racing spirit, the pursuit for excellence in technological innovation and impeccable design.

Designed by Racers, for Racers

As it is with the car, all heads will turn to envy the owner of such a well-crafted PDA phone – passionately designed and uncompromising in materials as well as features to give the masculine owner access to powerful mobile performance. For most luxury mobile users, it’s enough to live in luxury. But for the ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 owner, his mobile life must also be driven by passion – faster, better and stronger than any other.

Fearsome Familiarity

Just about everything on the Lamborghini that makes it look so fiercely gorgeous has been adapted into the ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1. Design-conscious individuals see it right away in the chassis-inspired aerodynamic flow and the amazingly sharp profile, perfectly sport-kitted with highly-defined and distinctive edges. The “beehive” textured air intake covers beside the front grille of the race car sits stylishly on the top of the ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1. The hood is immaculately reflected as a shiny surface, complete with the famous Lamborghini crest. Inside, the car’s versatile steering inspired the highly-maneuverable 9-way navigational key. Such level of sophistication, yet unreservedly fearsome, can only come in the form of the ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 in its contrastingly raw and refined image.

High Grade Materials for the High Life

In synchronized motion to a fast-paced lifestyle, the ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 remains undeterred with a toughness that is second to none. Charged with the task of making it hardy, ASUS ID engineers used only the highest quality materials. That’s why the back panel is covered with extremely lightweight but amazingly strong carbon fiber that is twice as tough as aluminum and five times stronger than steel. With it, a high grade stainless steel casement is used to protect the camera compartment and give the phone a distinctive European standard of manufacturing, much like high-end Swiss watches.

Performance made to Outperform

Good looks aren’t enough as performance is equally important. Built to beat anything it challenges, the ZX1 has a list of features that will make a grown businessman feel like a boy in his first race car. This 3.5G living, breathing mobile machine is equipped with wireless 802.11b+g, Bluetooth v2.0+EDR, USB2.0 compatible and even GPS; to name a few. It is also the first luxury PDA Phone that runs on Windows Mobile.

Racing Interface for the Racer

With a 2.8” touch screen, a 9-way navigational key and a unique racing user interface that can be modified to the user’s mode of operation whether it be business or lifestyle – complete with engine noises, the spirit of the Lamborghini truly resides in the ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1.

About the launch of this new PDA phone, Edward Wang, Business Head, Mobile Communication Business, ASUS (India) said, “ASUS ZX1 is the 1st co-branded PDA phone from ASUS and is targeted towards a very niche segment, for people who have a penchant for style. PDA phones are increasingly becoming fashion gadgets and the ASUS ZX1 gives the user the ultimate ownership experience. We wanted the end user to feel engaging an experience as driving a Lamborghini car and you’ll find elements of style and design of the Lamborghini car seamlessly incorporated in the ZX1 at every level. Manufacturers are releasing many such co-branded products but ASUS chose Lamborghini as our co-branding partner in the PDA phone segment as we share the same position in PDA phones as Lamborghini does in the automobile industry.”

Benson Lin, General Manager, ASIA Pacific, Middle East & Africa, ASUS added that, “The launch of the Lamborghini ZX1 PDA Phone and the VX3 notebook, marks ASUS’ entry into the ultra premium segment in India. We’re most pleased to be associated with a world class brand like Lamborghini and offer such exquisite products to the people. The consumer mindset and taste is rapidly changing in India and we’re confident that we’ll find the right kind of audience for these products in India.”

Sumeet Gugnani, Director Mobile Communication Business, Microsoft India commented, “ASUS ZX1 PDA phone is a luxury brand that’s designed for the sophisticated and passionate mobile device user – one who stands out with his or her penchant for cutting edge style. Embedded with windows mobile this phone has a rich dynamic design and very high end features. The powerful functionality and performance delivered by the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform will make the Asus ZX1 PDA not only a much desired product, but also a truly unmatched performer. Windows mobile has received an overwhelming response from the Indian market and I am confident that this launch will give the users a rich mobility experience.”

The ASUS Lamborghini ZX1 PDA Phone comes with a two years local warranty. This warranty also includes a one time free replacement of the outer body case, incase of damage to the phone during the warranty period.

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