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FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. is showcasing a broad spectrum of imaging solutions at the PMA 2008 Annual Convention and Trade Show under its banner, “Fujifilm. Expand the World of Imaging.” The theme reinforces Fujifilm’s continuing commitment to create innovative imaging products and solutions for businesses and professionals by introducing new high-value products and services to the changing imaging marketplace.

“Fujifilm is a company that has demonstrated, through its history and its actions, that it is committed to the success of our retail customers, to the culture of photography, and advancing the imaging space through continuous innovation and new product offerings,” said Hiro Sakai, president and chief executive officer, FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. “The solutions we introduce at PMA this year — from very exciting new digital cameras, to a wide range of printing solutions for retailers and Professional labs – demonstrate that we remain focused on helping our customers generate more revenue through photography.”

At PMA 2008, Fujifilm unveils new FinePix consumer digital cameras, a new One-Time-Use Camera, new photo paper, and the latest advances to expand Fujifilm’s Frontier Solutions.

Expanding the World of Picture Taking

FinePix Digital Cameras

2008 marks the 10th Anniversary Year for the FinePix digital camera brand. Fujifilm’s FinePix cameras have been the source for such digital imaging innovations as Fujifilm’s uniquely designed Super CCD image sensor, High Sensitivity, and Face Detection.

At PMA 2008, Fujifilm will showcase the latest advances in its camera technology in two special models — the FinePix S100FS and the FinePix F100fd. Both of these new FinePix models are powered by Fujifilm’s new 8th Generation Super CCD image sensors and RP (Real Photo) Processor III, Dual Image Stabilization and deliver an extremely Wide Dynamic Range. The powerhouse-model FinePix F100fd features Face Detection 3.0, allowing for the detection of up to 10 human faces in a scene in as little as 0.036 seconds.

Fujifilm will shine a spotlight on the latest additions to its phenomenally well-received FinePix Z series. Known for sleek and stylish design, the debut of last year’s FinePix Z10fd created a buzz in the Gen “Z” set among teens and young adults. The Z10fd, specially designed for this demographic also broke ground with a feature set catering to the digital native lifestyle, such as blog mode, picture beaming, and auction mode. This year Fujifilm introduces the FinePix Z20fd, a new ultra-glamorous digital camera in four luminous colors. Fujifilm will also showcase successful FinePix Z100fd, the most “grown up” model in the Z line.

Two additions to Fujifilm’s award-winning S series – the S8100fd and S1000fd — represent the most advanced SLR-styled FinePix models yet, boasting long zoom lenses and powerful image processors in cameras that deliver SLR functionality with the convenience of Fujifilm’s fixed-lens technology. With the introduction of the FinePix J10 and FinePix J50, Fujifilm introduces a new series of affordable models that don’t compromise on features.

All seven new models feature a versatile xD/SD Media Compatible Slot, and Fujifilm will display its full line of award-winning FinePix professional and consumer digital cameras at the show.

One-Time-Use Cameras

The world’s most famous cat says “cheese” as he makes his debut on the new Garfield™ One-Time-Use camera. Garfield follows a list of celebrity characters that have become a core part of the QuickSnap marketing strategy, making photography fun for picture takers of all ages.

Medium-Format Film Camera

In a special exhibit, Fujifilm will feature a prototype of a new portable medium-format film camera. Even as the company innovates in digital imaging technology, Fujifilm remains true to its heritage and to the acknowledged superior image quality delivered by professional photographic film products. Fujifilm is committed to further expanding the world of imaging whether in digital or analog technologies.

Expanding the World of Printing

Expanding Frontier Solutions

Fujifilm continues to build on its Expanding Frontier Solutions effort to bring the best imaging technology and workflow solutions to meet the varied and changing needs of retailers. From the first Fujifilm Frontier digital minilab that was introduced in 1996, has come a vast national digital printing infrastructure that today allows retailers and commercial labs to serve their customers with much more than a photo print. Today the Frontier solution includes consumer-facing input terminals, retailer web sites, kiosks, silver halide, ink-jet, dye sublimation, and xerography printing solutions — all brought together by Frontier Workflow Management and Fujifilm’s proprietary Image Intelligence. Through Fujifilm’s Expanding Frontier Solutions effort, the industry standard of Frontier Quality is delivered, regardless of the input or output devices our customers choose.

Frontier Digital Lab Systems

At PMA 2008, Fujifilm introduces the newest additions to its standard-setting Frontier digital lab systems. The Frontier 750, 770 and 790 are the latest generation of Frontiers and feature a small body, updated image controller software, Image Intelligence and easy-to-use operation. The Frontier Series is renowned for delivering high quality prints from both analog and digital sources.

Fujifilm’s new Frontier Dry Minilab 400 is a completely dry ink-jet digital lab system for retail photo lab operations that will allow both new market entrants and traditional photofinishers to provide an affordable and flexible dry printing solution. Incorporating Image Intelligence, Frontier Dry Minilab 400 gives customers excellent Frontier Quality prints. The Frontier Dry Minilab 400 is an ideal start-up printing solution for supermarkets, drugstores, consumer electronics stores, convenience stores, or an excellent addition to an existing photofinishing lab.

Specialty Photo Printing Solutions

Fujifilm has expanded its collaboration with Xerox and will continue to offer retailers new ways to make photo specialty products on-site, including photo books, photo calendars, greeting cards and more, using the Xerox Phaser® 7760 tabloid color laser printer and the new Xerox DocuColor® 242/252/260 digital color printer/copier. The Xerox Phaser 7760 is compatible with Fujifilm kiosks and minilabs and uses Fujifilm’s Image Intelligence technology to provide the highest-quality images. The Xerox DocuColor 242/252/260 is a high-speed printer offering impressive image quality at 2400 x 2400 dpi, and is capable of printing on a wide range of substrates, up to 110 lb cover/300 g/m2.

Retail & Professional Printing Solutions

In addition to the Fujifilm V5 Get Pix Kiosk terminal, Fujifilm will introduce the new GetPixTM F6 Kiosk Terminal. The F6 terminal offers retailers an affordable and flexible solution without sacrificing functionality or speed. The low total cost of ownership with F6 is enhanced by a small footprint and lab quality print that are created using Fujifilm’s patented Image Intelligence Technology.

Fujifilm is also introducing new kiosk terminal and management software enhancements including: GetPix Kiosk Terminal Software “TS”, and Frontier Workflow Management Software “MS.” Fujifilm’s continued investment in research and development includes software advances that enhance usability for consumers and lab operators. The company remains committed to creating the industry’s best solutions to increase retail and lab business growth.

The standard-setting Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper line also will see an addition at PMA 2008 with the introduction of Fujicolor Crystal Archive Preferred Paper. This new advance in the Fujifilm Crystal Archive line yields high quality glossy prints with the distinctive physical characteristics of a golden Fujicolor Crystal Archive back print with a thicker, stiffer base, for both digital and analog printers. Fujifilm also introduces its new single-part color Film Developer, a reformulated color film fixer, specifically formulated for reduced film processing volume, as well as its new Enviro Chem Photo Lab Cleaner, to meet the needs of today’s retail photo lab operators.

Professional Labs and Studio Photography Solutions

Fujifilm also renews its commitment to the culture of photography with a number of new software solutions including ID Link, ID Merge and LiteBox. In collaboration with Halse Imaging Systems, this suite of new school and event photography software for professional photographers and new workflow software for professional finishing labs are designed to help professional photographers link images together with data and products, and enable fulfillment by labs to streamline workflow and improve picture quality.

To capitalize on the growing market for photo identification, Fujifilm is introducing its own photo I.D. solution, the IP-10 Digital Photo ID system. The IP10 Digital Photo ID system incorporates the FinePix F480 digital camera, Fujifilm’s ImaVge Intelligence™ technology and a dye-sublimation printer for a turn-key passport photo ID production solution.

Home Printing Solutions

Fujifilm is introducing its new inkjet paper, Premium Plus Photo Paper line, developed using manufacturing technologies derived from the company’s nearly 80 year history in thin film coating manufacturing. The product incorporates features that result in an inkjet paper that offers “real photo quality” with excellent durability, and compatibility with all consumer ink jet printers.

Internet-Based Printing Solutions

Get the Picture Online Service (GTPOS)

Since the launch of GTPOS in 2003, participating retailers have seen growth in their digital photofinishing business as Fujifilm has expanded marketing partnerships with brands like Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T and others to drive online picture ordering. The latest GTPOS offerings will be highlighted at PMA 2008.

Heirloom-Class Photo Products

Fujifilm’s wholesale labs, FujiColor Processing are introducing a complete line of Heirloom-class Photo Products at PMA 2008. High quality portrait and commemorative product offerings can be ordered through GTPOS at www.yourpix.com.


Fujifilm’s recently announced acquisition of ip.labs, the Germany-based photo software development firm, will strengthen Fujifilm’s online photo creativity capabilities. New and unique consumer interface designs, and next-generation photo book and specialty product design templates will give retailers a whole new range of offerings for their customers. Visitors to the Fujifilm booth will get a first-hand look at Fujifilm ip.labs.

Fujifilm will be showcasing the full portfolio of imaging technologies and services in its booth at PMA (#E100). For more information or hi-res images, call 800-800-FUJI or go to www.fujifilmusa.com/pma.

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