Eikon fingerprint reader for Mac

Eikon fingerprint reader

The Eikon fingerprint reader for Mac.

UPEK, Inc, a leading brand of fingerprint biometric security solutions, today announced that its award-winning Eikon Digital Privacy Manager now brings the security and usability benefits enjoyed by millions of laptop PC owners to the Mac. Mac users can now enjoy the convenience of swiping their finger instead of typing passwords to access password-protected programs, websites and secure preferences.

Mac users are now also able to bolster login security and eliminate the hassle of being denied access to websites due to forgotten passwords. The Eikon USB peripheral fingerprint reader and Protector Suite™ software are now deeply integrated with the Mac OS, expanding the Mac user experience by letting Mac users simply swipe their finger to unlock it at various stages. (see box)

Passwords are widely used to authenticate users in Mac OS. However, many people risk exposure of sensitive information by using simple passwords that can be hacked, using the same password for multiple accounts, or writing down passwords that can be stolen. The Eikon Digital Privacy Manager replaces passwords and lets users employ stronger passwords that they don’t have to remember.

The Eikon Digital Privacy Manager, which began shipping in May 2007 and is available on for $39.99 (about Rs 1,600), won the 2007 CES Best of Innovations Award and has garnered rave reviews. “I’m a sucker for the ease of use and overall browser compatibility of the UPEK Eikon,” said Todd Haselton, product reviewer at Ars Technica. “I was looking for the overall best fingerprint reader for the home consumer. … I’m picking the UPEK Eikon as the best of the bunch.”

In addition to supporting Windows XP and Vista operating systems and the Mozilla Firefox browser, the Eikon Digital Privacy Manager now supports MacOS 10.4 (Tiger).

Logon, at startup and when returning from sleep mode;
Unlock Keychain to replay login credentials to web accounts and access secure notes and certificates;
Unlock Secure Preferences to access administrator-level settings;
Unlock FileVault to decrypt the user’s home folder; and
Unlock the screensaver.

Mac users can now download a preview version of Protector Suite software for Mac and purchase an Eikon Digital Privacy Manager here.

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