IFA 2007: Aural delight from Sennheiser

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With a focus on convenience to complement exceptional sound quality, Sennheiser Communications introduces the FLX 70 wireless mobile headset with FlexFit for unsurpassed personal wearing comfort. FlexFit is the name for a range of features - all adding up to convenient and individualized wearing and listening comfort.

Among the features that make the FlexFit concept so attractive are a turnable speaker for optimal fit to your ear canal, an optional ear-hook for robust over the ear wearing, a choice of left or right  side wearing, three sizes of speaker silicone covers for more  personalized fitting, a unique semi-open acoustic system to keep your ears from feeling plugged and a lan-yard with a hook  for convenient  accessibility.

HD Gaming headphones

Only the slightest snap of a twig betrays the opponent coming up behind you. The quality of 3D sound is an integral part of the enjoyment of computer games. So that you can hear your opponent at any moment and react like lightning, Sennheiser has added four special headphones to their product range. They replicate fine nuances of sound to such a degree that the gamer finds himself in thecentre of a virtual world. At IFA 2007, Sennheiser presents the HD 515 Gaming and HD 201 Gaming and, for portable gaming systems, the CX500 Gaming and CXL 400 Gaming.

PC 350 headset

Whether battling evil aliens or fighting guerilla warfare, a fraction of a frame separates winners from the rest. Hearing and being heard can make or break a game.

The new PC 350 headset from Sennheiser Communications adds a never before experienced dimension of reality to gaming with the most accurate sound positioning and sound quality available on the market. Sound perception is so precise you literally feel like you’re in the game.

A circum aural, closed type headset, the PC 350 shuts out disturbing noises from your environment. That combined with the special shaping of the frequency response improves your ability to detect where a sound comes from. This helps significantly increase your reaction time, giving you a built in advantage over the competition.

Ear Canal earphones

Your enjoyment of sound when you’re out and about can often be spoilt by distracting ambient noise and poor bass reproduction. This is the reason why more and more music enthusiasts are turning to ear canal headphones. They don’t just screen you from external noise, they also sound great thanks to their position in the ear canal. Audio specialist Sennheiser is now launching five new ear canal headphones to go alongside its successful CX 300 model. Their full sound and fantastic colours make them an experience both your ears and eyes will enjoy.

The new products are the CX 400, CX 500, CX 55 Street and CX 95 Style ear canal headphones, as well as the CXL 400 lanyard earphones supplementing Sennheiser’s Classic, Street and Style ranges. Their easily exchangeable adapter rings ensure that all the models are a perfect fit for your ear canal and the newly developed cords are evenless sensitive to handling noise.

The Classic line: the very best sound and practical features too

The CX 400 gives the listener an extremely balanced sound. Its short cord makes this ear canal headphone perfect for mobile phones and MP3players with remote controls or microphones. The 1m extension cable is used if you want to keep the player in your trouser pocket. It comes with a practical pouch, a cord take-in device, ear adapters anda cable clip.

The CXL 400 lanyard version with its strap for a mobile phone or MP3 player doesn’t just sound fantastic, it’s very safe too: the safety catch opens if too much strain is placed on it, releasing the lanyard from your neck. Both the CXL 400 and CX 400 come in high gloss black, high gloss white, high gloss silver, Bordeaux red and aqua, with a pouch and ear adapters.

The CX 500 is the new top-of-the-range model in the Classic line and comes in high gloss black, high gloss white and titanium. It stands out for having a wider frequency response and special ear adapters, which give the ear canal phones an even better fit. It comes with a pouch, cable clip, cord take-in device and volume adjuster on the cord.

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