IRISPen 6 for easy OCR released

I.R.I.S. Group, market leader in Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), released its IRISPen™ 6, the new version of its USB text recognition range of pen scanners: the IRISPen™, with an enhanced OCR engine and a lot of new very useful and user-friendly features

Retyping text from paper documents is often a necessary but very tedious and time-consuming task. The IRISPen digitizes information contained in paper documents in the blink of an eye. USB-powered and connected, the IRISPen replaces manual encoding work with fast and accurate scanning. Printed text and figures are instantly entered into any application, right at the cursor position.

I.R.I.S. has added a host of new features including a wizard that allows users to create three different user profiles; many new recognized languages, the most precise OCR capabilities and a beautifully redesigned interface (for a complete list of features, click here). Furthermore, through a technology bundle with the specialized translation software @Prompt Office 7, the IRISPen Translator now has advanced translation capabilities. There are now up to 11 pair of languages available.

It’s the perfect tool for anyone who needs to retype information, from read only case files to student in libraries. Many of us are in need of capturing printed text. No need to copy or scan the whole document, or take handwritten notes to be retyped later. Just swiftly scan it with the IRISPen 6 into any Windows or Mac application.

The IRISPen™6 exists in 3 different versions: IRISPen Express (MSRP: $129), very intuitive and easy-to-use, the IRISPen Executive (MSRP: $199), the most complete solution with advanced features, and the IRISPen Translator (MSRP: $149), a powerful recognition and translation solution for the everyday users.

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