Vista not doing well?

It wouldn’t seem so, now would it? According to InfoWorld, Vista has added to its users every month since launch in January:

Windows Vista accounted for 4.52 percent of all systems that browsed the Web in June, up from January’s 0.18 percent.

At the same time, Mac OS X is not adding too many users. So how much truth is there to the Acer boss Gianfranco Lanci’s allegations that the whole industry was disappointed with Vista? He was recently quoted by Financial Times Deutschland as saying:

Despite the long wait between Windows XP and Vista, the latest operating system still lacks maturity. Stability is certainly a problem. Users are voting with their feet, Lanci said, so that the Vista launch has had the smallest impact on PC sales of any version of Windows in the history of PC manufacturing. He added the situation didn’t look likely to change in the next six months.

Interesting times, but it also begs the question of Apple boss Steve Jobs when he says that the Mac is indeed getting more popular.

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