Samsung launches new music service

Jul 5th, 2007 | By Editor | Category: Internet, Samsung

Samsung has a launched a digital music service designed to work seamlessly with the company’s leading edge digital music players — the K3, K5 and T9 models. MusicNet, the world’s leading provider of business-to-business digital entertainment to top consumer brands, will provide the platform for the Samsung Media Studio (SMS). Previously released Samsung PlaysForSure devices such as the Z5 are also able to utilize the new digital music service for monthly music subscriptions and individual downloads.

The new music service (SamsungPlay) is integrated into the SMS, a proprietary, Samsung-developed media player for Samsung’s devices. Prior versions of the SMS will have the new features integrated following an automatic software update. The SMS will offer portable music subscriptions, allowing unlimited downloads to Samsung portable devices for a flat monthly fee, or the purchase of individual tracks or albums. Samsung will soon initiate a significant marketing plan in the countries surrounding the introduction of these players and the integrated music service.

Customers in France and Germany will have access to over 2.6 million tracks, while UK subscribers will be able to access more than 3 million songs from the four major labels and over 55,000 independent labels. Monthly subscriptions will cost 14.99 euro in France and Germany and 10.25 pounds Sterling in the UK. Individual track download prices will start at 1.15 euro or 0.79p.

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