OnMobile’s M-Search achieves Milestone in Mobile Music Search

OnMobile Global Limited, a leading provider of telecom value-added services (VAS), today announced that a record number of music search requests – more than 25 million – were handled by the award-winning M-Search technology developed in-house at OnMobile.

M-Search is a handset-independent, platform-based solution that provides comprehensive music search across voice, SMS and WAP channels. It has currently been deployed in nine different languages – English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Bangla, Sinhala and Bahasa, with more languages in the pipeline, thanks to the 30 languages available in OnMobile’s catalog. With operators increasingly focused on providing customers with personalized, locally relevant VAS, M-Search breaks through the crowded clutter of music content and enables easier discovery of music for subscribers and more accurate delivery of results.

Arvind Rao, CEO & Co-founder, OnMobile said, “M-Search is a result of OnMobile’s constant endeavour to simplify and enrich the user experience of mobile subscribers globally. As mobile technology shrinks frontiers’ bringing diverse regions closer together, M-Search helps ensure the personal connect between the music service and the subscriber.  This breakthrough was a result of our focused R&D efforts on customer requirements. It is our unmatched technology prowess which allows us to deliver such breakthroughs and generate huge incremental revenues for the telecom, music and related industry players.”

The popularity of M-Search is attested by the fact that operators in strong international VAS markets around the world have deployed the technology. OnMobile has rolled out M-Search with 13 operators in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Brazil and has 15 more deployments currently under way in other geographies including Latin America, Europe, Africa and Middle-East.

M-Search NXG’s phonetic search capability is optimized to handle multiple languages while delivering more relevant results for search queries. All music-related services can benefit by the increased usage and higher conversions generated by M-Search, including Ring Back Tones, ring tones and mobile radio.

M-Search solutions can be deployed anywhere and is independent of the music platform. For instance, this service is already live as a voice search interface for a 3rd party content platform and even on the RBT platform of an OnMobile competitor.

M-Search fulfills over 90 percent search requests successfully, and has nearly halved the number of inaccurate searches. With M-Search, users in mobile situations can speak or text their search according to their preference. Just as search technology revolutionized the internet, search on the mobile is becoming increasingly important. Since music is one of the biggest contributing segments of VAS, it is extremely important for operators to ensure easy discovery and accurate delivery of user preferences in an increasingly commoditized market.

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