Drishti-Soft launches Ameyo Chat 2.0

Taking the multimedia customer interactions to a new level, Drishti-Soft launches Ameyo Chat 2.0. This live chat capability is an in-built tool in their award-winning contact center solution - Ameyo. Offering collaboration within the team or mass online messaging (based on triggers/alerts/events) to the prospect/customer, Ameyo Chat 2.0 promises to be a value-add to the customer support services. Enterprises can integrate live chat to their websites and configure the chat requests to be routed to the agents at their contact center. The enhanced Chat tool enables use of the same voice agents as chat agents. With complete logging of chat sessions, custom reports can be fetched and can be used for devising marketing strategies based on most frequented issues in agent-customer interactions.

Talking about the advantages of live chat, Sachin Bhatia, Business Head, Drishti-Soft says - “Customer interactions today are much more advanced and complex. With multiple communication channels at the discretion, it has become increasing important for next gen businesses to integrate their customer contact processes with new-age facilities like live chats. A tool that can provide monitoring & controlling of the web-sessions of the customers can be a real value-add. You can turn your agents into super agents by adding ability to collaborate with the customers for a co-browsing session and suggesting the right product giving an edge to end-customer experience. Drishti’s Ameyo Chat 2.0 is a step towards future of business communication.”

Prince Singh, Sr. Product Engineer, Drishti-Soft elaborates on the benefits one can achieve from Ameyo Chat 2.0 - “The new improved Chat tool is integrated with the Ameyo Agent Workbench to provide a unified interaction interface. The campaign managers can assign same agents to voice processes as well as chat sessions. They can also create custom routing policies for the chat requests received and designate the chat agents accordingly. Multiple concurrent chat sessions and re-routing of a chat session to another chat queue of a subject matter expert for better query resolution is also possible. Ameyo Chat 2.0 includes complete logging thereby contributing to the custom reports needed by a contact center. Multi-channel routing from single queue can also be implemented with Ameyo Chat 2.0″

Ameyo Chat enables real-time interaction between agents and customers. The obvious benefits include increased customer support productivity. This is simply due to the fact that written communication is easier to comprehend as opposed to verbal due to the differences in the language-based accents. Enterprises can convert their website visitors into prospective customers by integrating a live chat option to their websites. For any live chat session request, Agents can automatically retrieve information from a knowledge base to quickly respond to customer inquiries. With multiple simultaneous chat sessions possible, agent time can be optimized by minimizing of idle times. Configuration of custom routing policies enables connecting the best agents to the chat session requests as per business policies. In case of non-availability of a particular agent or during conditions of overflow or configured holiday setting, the chat session can be re-routed to another chat queue. The chat logging tool of Ameyo chat 2.0 enables search & retrieval of chat logs as per various criteria including date, time, agent or customer. This provides for a creation of a unified customer history across all channels.

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