Panasonic will hold “Panasonic eco ideas Forum 2010″ from October 6

Panasonic will hold “Panasonic ‘eco ideas’ Forum 2010″ from Wednesday, October 6 at Panasonic Center Tokyo as a main venue. On October 6, the opening day of the four day event, the session which President Mr.Ohtsubo, Associate Director Ms.Miyai and a Bollywood actress Ms.Mirza will attend will be streamed on USTREAM from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Japan time.

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Pre-registration is required to join the programs and the tour of newly renovated eco ideas HOUSE and Technology & Solution Ideas Floor at Panasonic Center Tokyo. The capacity is limited, so don’t be too late to pre-register for Panasonic ‘eco ideas’ Forum 2010!

Following the opening session, “Earth Lunch Hour”, a part of the Panasonic Eco Relay campaigns will be on live with lunch hour all around the world being reported in a relay manner for 24 hours. Join and share your unique eco ideas by sending messages, images, videos or becoming a supporter.

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Eco Cook Fest 24, a special cooking event will be held to demonstrate interesting recipes on the same day. Check the progress of the event and try the recipe at home!

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