Compulocks and Maclocks launch a revolutionary security solution for Apple iMac

Compulocks and Maclocks of the Compulocks Group announced the launch of new line of locks for Apple iMac desktop systems -iMac Plate Lock security system.

The need to protect computing systems has become a critical thing for small businesses and schools lately because of increasing thefts and events of vandalism. According to an independent research and study, about 40% of iMac systems at schools and work places were lost due to thefts and vandalisms in 2009 (IS THIS TRUE?). While schools pay an average salary of $50k per year to a secondary school teacher, they are spending much more to replace computer installations in schools. Repeated vandalism has now become a regular phenomenon in the US, costing many millions to the schools and small businesses.

The CEO and Founder of the Compulocks Group, Gad Alexander shares, “We, at Compulocks and Maclocks, with our 27 years of expertise in computer locking solutions have introduced the NobleLocks innovative iMac security system that deters and frustrates the thieves and vandals. The iMac Plate Lock gives maximum security to the expensive Apple iMac systems- it locks the chassis and its internal components too, so the users can be at absolute peace of mind.

Our Apple custom computer lock features a very strong, yet a low-profile design. the lock is barely seen and it locks the chassis of the desktop making it just impossible for a lifter to tow it away. Its unique plate-lock design secures the iMac accessories cables as well. Because of the low-profile design the aesthetics of the system are barely disturbed. The lock setting doesn’t interfere with the system usage, and that is what you wish to see in your office environment. The lock is also easy to operate aiding the user to lock/unlock the iMac in just few seconds for maintenance.

The iMac plate lock security system also comes with Key-Alike option as well as Key-Different and master keyed option. It seems Compulocks is also offering lifetime replacement warranty on the iMac plate lock.”

When asked why Compulocks , Maclocks and Noblelocks have decided to come up with the product, the CEO, answers, “We have been dominating the PClocks, notebooklocks and laptopcarts market with our commitment to give the best computer security locking solutions to our customers, and the IMac Plate Lock is the result of the suggestions and feedback we have taken from our customers, who actually asked for a locking solution for the Apple iMac desktops. We believe our product will be perfect for Apple iMacs at schools, Universities, business communities and healthcare environment.”

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