Samsung brings premium multimedia notebook

Samsung Electronics America Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation, will launch the new line of multimedia powerhouse R80 series notebooks at Best Buy stores and on on March 7th.  The new line features Blu-ray Disc drives, nVIDIA GeForce graphics cards and Samsung’s unique Crystal Wave design.  Best Buy also features Samsung’s stylish N210 netbook currently on sale in stores.

“Best Buy continues to be an important retail partner for Samsung, and we’re excited to offer a range of notebook and netbook options to our customers that deliver exceptional craftsmanship and performance,” said Todd Bouman, director of product marketing at Samsung Electronics Information Technology Division.  “True to Samsung’s unique, customer-focused design aesthetic, these mobile PCs are flexible enough to be used as mobile devices or desktop replacements for all-day use.”


The R80 series of notebooks are perfect for watching movies both at home and on the go with a built in Blu-ray optical drive.  Additionally, the nVIDIA GeForce graphics card included in the R580 and R780 will appeal to the gamer in any household.  The HD LED displays (17.3” – R780, 15.6” – R580, 14.0” – R480) provide the sharpest images and boldest colors with a proper 16:9 aspect ratio. With a built-in Webcam and integrated microphone, they are ideal for use communicating with friends and family over Skype or other VoIP networks.  With an HDMI output, these models are perfect for college students or anyone who wants to play Blu-ray movies or stream HD video directly to their TV.

“Samsung’s notebooks are a great addition to our computer assortment,” said Kelley Noreen, senior merchant at Best Buy, “especially for those customers who are looking for a multimedia PC experience.”

The R80 series will be available for sale at Best Buy beginning March 7:


With its scratch-resistant, polished pearl white design, non-glare display and nearly full-sized island keyboard, the Samsung N210 netbook is both stylish and user friendly. The HyperSpace “Instant On” capability allows the device to turn on and immediately go online without waiting for Windows to boot, while the Samsung Battery Extender allows your PC to conserve more battery power.  With 7 hours of battery life* and weighing just 2.82lbs., the Samsung N210 can be used for long periods, whether in the office or on the move.

The N210 is currently available at Best Buy for $379.

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