Aava Mobile debuts world’s first fully ‘Open’ mobile device

Aava Mobile (www.aavamobile.com) today launched the world’s first fully open mobile device for next generation smartphones and tablets with PC-like capabilities. The reference design is intended for System manufacturers and Carriers who can customize both the hardware and software, and benefit from the creativity of established developer communities. The reference design is based on Intel’s next generation Intel® Atom™ processor based platform, codenamed “Moorestown”, which is designed for the handheld, smartphone and tablet market segments.

Aava Mobile’s reference design answers consumers’ demand for more powerful mobile devices that fit in a pocket and can last an entire day on one battery charge. Current smartphone designs use under-powered chips that conserve battery life, while netbooks and tablets are more powerful but drain batteries quickly and lack the instant-on software experience. Aava Mobile’s platform is the leading smartphone reference platforms based on the Intel Moorestown platform.

Functioning Aava Mobile devices measure 64mm by 125mm and only 11.7 millimeters thin—making them the world’s thinnest x86 based smartphone devices. The reference design provides support for Linux-based Moblin 2.1 and Android OSs today, with plans to support MeeGo in the future. Earlier this week, Intel and Nokia announced MeeGo, a merger of the Linux-based Moblin and Maemo software platforms with a goal to enable an open software environment for rapid development of exciting new user experiences.

“There is so much creativity that can be harnessed when you free yourself from the confines of a proprietary design and give developer communities an open platform and some tools to play with. So Aava Mobile saw an opportunity to make an entirely open mobile device,” said Markus Appel, CEO of Aava Mobile. “Based on the Intel Moorestown platform, the Aava device delivers an outstanding performance and user experience. We are open on the hardware side with our standardized I/O ports and the ecosystem of peripheral docking devices that openness encourages, and we are open on the software side with our Moblin and Android operating systems.”

“The Intel Moorestown platform will deliver industry leading performance at dramatically low power levels and is designed to enable a compelling user experience in the next generation of smartphones and sleek tablet designs,” said Pankaj Kedia, director of global ecosystem programs in Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group. “Aava’s reference design is an excellent example of what is possible with the Intel Moorestown platform across Linux-based Moblin and Android OSs.”

Being an open standards platform means that third-party companies can create add-on products and be assured of a thriving marketplace for their goods. Aava Mobile has sponsored a competition to design an ecosystem of hardware docking peripherals to tailor its devices for specific vertical industries and functions. A gallery of these designs can be found at https://www.aavamobile.com/ecosystem.

On the software side, Aava Mobile has been working with Android and Moblin developer communities to ensure a ready crop of applications.

Capabilities and Specifications:

Aava Mobile’s engineers have made sure that there are no longer any limitations or trade-offs between small form-factor and full PC capabilities. Some of the more salient features and specifications include:

- Extended touch screen (full A cover – front cover is touch sensitive) with haptics/vibra feedback

- Full HD video capability

- Micro USB OTG (also for peripherals like external mouse, keyboard, storage or docking station)

- HD video conferencing (front-facing camera with facial and gesture recognition – software dependent)

- 2 microphones (echo cancellation)

- 3D UI and 3D sound for high-end gaming experience

- GSM network (3G) for voice and data

- Accelerometer, 3D compass, GPS, Wi-Fi

A complete list of hardware and software specifications can be found here: https://www.aavamobile.com/specs

Availability and Licensing:

By licensing Aava Mobile’s reference design technology and customization services, customers like original device and equipment manufacturers (OEM/ODM) and wireless operators (Carriers) can bring their own branded devices to market quickly and cost-effectively to start driving revenue.

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